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Daisy Smiley Face’s BLOGGY GOODNESS is certified FRESH and NEW (and gluten free!)… when Muse decides she wants to post something. I pop in regularly — usually twice a week or so, but there’s no set schedule.

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So what do I post? Well….

New categories are in the works and will be updated as posts are published. For now, when you visit you’ll find:

Photography’s the star on Silent Sunday, a popular blog and social media hashtag in which people post a picture with no text. On the fourth Sunday, though, silence gives way to my Photo of the Month and things I want to say.

Friday Fhoughts features a smattering of random thoughts, connected in some way or not, accompanied by photos, music, and more, with an obvious dash of silliness.

And of course, Muse is an Aries so sometimes she posts just because in the Randomy Goodness category. Other non-day-related categories (which posts rarely) include: 

  • Daisy Delights — delightful humans, culture, et al, that just need to be shared.
  • Florets — short posts/asides, usually humorous in nature
  • Blooms and Wilts — reviews of shows, movies, and books

No matter what Muse and I share, my goal is connection and sharing smiles across the miles. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you often. Introduce yourself!

Happy reading!

Preserved from the Past

In the beginning of the pandemic quarantine, I wrote posts providing Tar-ona Updates. Read those posts here.

In April 2018, I participated in the A to Z Challenge. My theme: Let the Music Play. Take a musical meander with me with the posts, which live here.