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Retreating myself well

I have the doors, but I haven’t written about the doors, so I’ll write about them for Thursday Doors for next week. I’z all curfubbled (NOT A WORD UNTIL NOW!) today since today began with me, in a half-sleepy stupor, wondering if it was a day I had to go to work. I came to consciousness just enough to mutter Expletive….. it’s only Thursday…. This week has been jammed packed with enough week to have it be over already; alas, there’s one more day to go. To get myself through, I’ve spent this afternoon looking forward, and I came up with a new thing I’m gonna do, just for me.

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Thursday Doors: The Present Past

It’s Thursday! It’s time to share some doors! It’s been almost a month since my last Thursday Doors (again). Lately, time has been warping like I’m Han Solo with Chewie in the Millennium Falcon, switching into hyperdrive, AND I’ve been exhausted — growing new bones in one’s arm is tiring! But I’m now also determined that I will complete this post and MY DOORS SHALL BE POSTED!

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Thursday Doors: Reopen

It’s Thursday! It’s time to share some doors! After a (not-so-brief) hiatus, I have returned. Autumn began early, in September, and I ventured out with my phone (still need to take the DSLR out). Then summer reared its ugly head again, but I didn’t let that stop me!  I have photos to sort and post in the coming weeks. YAY! Today, I’m reopening the doors, so to speak — with one that keeps in the spirit of the me-me-me work I’m doing this Autumn.
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Random Thoughts Thursday Returns!

I’ve been Random Thoughts Thursday-ing for almost 10 years, in various blogging locales. I shall continue the tradition here.  YAY! For newbies, the name really says it all… These are Random. These are Thoughts. It is Thursday. I like simple, ya know? SO!

RTT: The Return ~ a New Year Update

  • On the first day of the new year yesterday, I spent time:

Writing thank you notes, new year cards, and other correspondence;

Watching episodes of Law & Order during the WeTV marathon, enjoying endless hours of Briscoe greatness;

Wishing, and hoping, and praying that the sinus pressure in my head would let up sooner rather than later;

Adding blog posts from the past to this one (see archives, i.e. days gone by);

Watching and killing it on Jeopardy! (online test in six days!);

Waiting eagerly for and then watching the Dance Moms season premiere (don’t judge… it’s not nice);

Trying to keep my eyes open during said premiere as I’m tuckered out from all the holiday-ing, etc.

  • I know, it seems like I don’t know how to do a holiday properly. It’s a national day off and mine involved doing lots of things instead of lots of nothing.
  • In my defense, these things are fun for me. Plus, those activities helped me to forget for most of the day that a mucus-y quintet was playing a concert in my sinus cavities (at least according to that one commercial, which obviously shows what’s scientifically happening in there).
  • On the second day of the new year today, I:



  • What, you were expecting more?
  • Time for vacation, don’t you think?
  • I have vacationed in January before. Did I go skiing? Did I go to a beach near the equator or in the Southern Hemisphere?
  • I went to a New Jersey beach once and Delaware beaches several times.
  • I am part polar bear.
  • Most people I know are polar opposites of me.
  • I am an island, with myself… paraphrasing The Breakfast Club’s Brian Johnson.
  • If I’m an island, it’s one from, like, Greenland, Canada, or some other freezing place, because I like it cold.
  • Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on… 
  • That last thought brought to you by the 80s. The 80s: a decade now prominently featured on oldies stations.
  • Happy 2014! Wow. 14.
  • Remember Y2K? SPAM anyone? I have a few things left from my end-of-the-world kit.
  • I kid. I don’t eat SPAM.
  • And I feel fine (thank you, Michael Stipe).