Thursday Doors: Deep In the Heart

ThursdayDoors DSFAs I write this post and look through recently past ones, I realize I was rocking a personal theme of visiting all my happy places in the past few months. I was unawares, but there it is, in all its bloggy glory. Stressors of all kinds had me pulling out all the stops to try and refill my introvert well (to no avail, at the time). Looking back, though, I’m so proud of Past Me for trying (all those years of reading, studying, venting to professionals, learning all the zen tips one can — apparently pay off).

But let’s not revisit the reasons for the running for respite (all hail alliteration!) that led me to the location for this post. Let’s just focus on the goodness of it, the joy of it, and the gloriousness of doors.

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A to Z: Annie

square1Mom took us to children’s theater. Pirates and princesses flash briefly in my mind’s eye, but Annie is the first clear moving picture, like seeing a cornflower blue spring sky through a freshly cleaned window.

I sat in the balcony looking down on a ragamuffin girl about my age singing and dancing with her friends. She told a story of never giving up, a simple idea that’s not always easy to put into practice. Annie lived through the depression, being an orphan, losing her parents. She even lost her dog, Sandy — the stray she found on the street and kept as her own.

My little heart grew a million times for this little girl I didn’t know. And I especially felt sorry that she’d lost her furry friend. Then, towards the end of the show during the Christmas scene at Daddy Warbucks’ house, a HUGE box with a big red bow was wheeled onto the stage. From my perch up high, I saw Sandy’s light brown fur as they lifted the lid before the dog hit his cue and popped out of the box. Tears welled in my eyes, and I haven’t been the same since.

*dabs eyes with tissue*

There’s nothing like a live performance, a lesson I learned at the age of 6. As for the positivity of being on the bright side and knowing that the sun will come out tomorrow, well, I think I was born with that.  In Annie, I just found my soul sister.

From the 1977 Tony Awards, with the original cast (before my time):

*Tomorrow is the first song (after a lil’ explanation), but this montage of songs features the best of the bunch, except the Herbert Hoover song, which I always loved.

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