Friday Fhoughts: Folume Twelfe

Friday Fhoughts - BlackAnother week has flown by. Another month. The year almost over. I’ve stopped asking how and why. I just hold on for the ride.

I type today through groggy eyes, counting the milliseconds until the weekend. Tonight’s glee will be finally letting the I have to be here at this time go and enjoying sleep for as long as it will have me.

Will I even get out of my pajamas on Saturday? *shakes Magic 8 ball* Not looking likely.

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A to Z: Karla with a K

square1Teen Me swoons every time I hear this song. I have loved this band since I was but a wee one. They were my Beatles, although I never fainted, and even in the 80s, they had better haircuts than the Fab Four. i met them four times — The Hooters, not the Beatles. I was speechless at first, but that improved with age and each time I met them.

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