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Combination Platter

I’ve had a mighty hankering for Chinese food lately, and the gem of a place I found during the winter is closed for a time. Well, at least I can ‘feed’ my writing with the want of such deliciousness, hence the title of this post.

It’s Song Lyric Sunday and it’s also halfway through the Blogging A to Z Challenge. I figured I’d share something about both today. If only I could share in some spring rolls…

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Week In Review and News, Too, Two

Tis the weekend! As I said last weekend, I would normally participate in the WeekendCoffeeShare, which some are still apparently trying to do, but our lovely host is MIA for the past few weeks and it looks like still today. I’m all for time away from tech and writing, but I like connecting each week with people. So I’ll write a lil’ post for the weekend, like I do. And it includes an update on last week’s wee announcement!

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