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Photo of the Month: Twilight

It’s a new month, and I’m starting anew with a feature I used to do: The Photo of the Month. This photo, taken within the last month, will be featured on the first day of the new month. Example: April’s choice is published on May 1. Simple, eh?

Today is May 1. This post features my choice for my favorite photo from April.

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Combination Platter

I’ve had a mighty hankering for Chinese food lately, and the gem of a place I found during the winter is closed for a time. Well, at least I can ‘feed’ my writing with the want of such deliciousness, hence the title of this post.

It’s Song Lyric Sunday and it’s also halfway through the Blogging A to Z Challenge. I figured I’d share something about both today. If only I could share in some spring rolls…

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Alphabet Soup

Today’s unofficial letter is r for rest. It’s Sunday, the day of rest, except I usually offer a Song Lyric Sunday post after having posted DSF Weekly Rewind on Saturday. However, since I’m knee-deep… or letter G-deep… into the Blogging A to Z Challenge at this point, I’m taking today off. But you’re posting this! I know, but these kinds of post take no thought whatsoever. Ahhhhhh.

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Snow Day

Pizza pizza
My Tomorrow’s a Snow Day celebratory homemade pizza.

6 p.m. Monday, March 13: Made homemade pizza to celebrate Tomorrow’s a Snow Day!

7:15 p.m. Snow Day Nap Mode beginning early as I nodded off watching Jeopardy! but woke as Final Jeopardy was being read. Nailed it, even in my sleep stupor.

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