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Snow Go

Picture it: It’s snowing and then sleeting. I figure waiting to go to work is the answer. Though that usually works, today I find myself in the thick of the sleet (and a slightly incorrect forecast) and realize I’ve done this backwards (listening to forecast = my first mistake). The school I use as my guide as to what to do changed from a two-hour delay to closed, apparently possessing a crystal ball I’m not privvy to. The next time this happens, though, I’ll follow their lead.

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Random Thoughts Thursday: Numbers

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: Numbers

  • Number of times I have listened to Sia’s Chandelier, now that I’ve discovered its awesomeness: at least 50
  • Number of times I heard of Sia previously: once, for Breathe Me, which I loved, so I should have gotten into Chandelier sooner
  • Number of times I thought Sia singing Chandelier in the very beginning of the song was Rihanna: at least 10
  • Number of apologies to Sia for thinking she sounded like Rihanna: 1. I’m sorry.
  • Number of inches of snow that fell this week: they say 6. I say, eh, not so much
  • Number of degrees it was two nights leaving some place at midnight: 9
  • Number of times I spritzed windshield washer fluid on in those temps before watching it freeze instantly and remembering that it would, you know, freeze instantly: 2
  • Number of minutes I had to wait by the side of the road until the heater melted the frozen windshield washer each time: about 5 mins per
  • Number of desserts I’ve made this winter: one for every time it snowed (I’ve lost count)
  • Number of pounds gained because of that: ???
  • Number of rude questions asked: 1 (see above)
  • Number of weeks until Spring: infinity? (no, it just feels that way — and that’s for you cold complainers. Me, I love Winter.)
  • Number of smiles you’ve enjoyed while reading this: at least a few, I hope.
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The forecasters who cried snow

Itty bitty snow totals.
Itty bitty snow totals.

I’m not surprised. After my more serious self wrote this essay last year about Worthless Weather Forecasts, I know better than to hang on every word of meteorologists. So far, the snow has not been what they said it would be in my area, and they’ve lowered their snow totals significantly. Of course, I’m writing this after midnight on Tuesday, and I could wake up later today in a blizzard. I doubt it, but if they can hedge their bets, so can I.

I’m mostly disappointed because it means that the snow day I was hoping to enjoy won’t happen. People will probably still be able to get to work (schools are closed). I have a stack of books I was going to tear into. Now, if everyone else goes to work, well, I’ll have to do some work, too. Boo.

The worst part ~ I have a book from the library that’s overdue by a day. I was hoping the snow would close the library and I wouldn’t have to pay the fine. I had planned to read that one in the stack first, because it’s eating up pennies each moment it sits on my desk at this point. Maybe I can still get it read today before returning it to the open library tonight with the 40 cents I’ll owe by then.

The best part ~ I didn’t do much Monday, other than what I absolutely had to. People were scurrying around since it snowed a little, thinking that was the beginning of the Storm to End All Storms. Then, at 5 p.m., I called it quits. I already had my comfy clothes on (working from home allows that, ya know), so I was dressed for the Night of Nothingness. I baked cupcakes ~ as I’ve been telling everyone, I knew the storm was coming, so I baked some cake… (that harkens back to a song on a Strawberry Shortcake album I used to listen to on my turntable when I was little).

The bestest best part ~ two faraway friends, no doubt frightened by the weather terrorists on TV, checked in on me to make sure I’m safe. Awww. It’s always nice to be thought of, isn’t it? *cyber cupcakes to them*

I’m disappointed that there won’t be many postcard-like picture opportunities this time (again, unless I wake up later in a blizzard). I like snow and would like to see a decent-sized storm this season (just one, you cold, anti-winter people). Of course, we still have February… I may get my wish, many times over.

Well, at least I didn’t have to be disappointed that the forecasters got it really wrong. Even if it snows more, we’re not getting a foot or more, as they originally said we would. I knew that wouldn’t happen just because they said it. And unlike them, I was right.

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Random Thoughts Thursday: Briefly Brief Epistles

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week’s edition: Briefly Brief Epistles.

  • A letter from Tara to the Americans:

Why, and it better be a good reason, do you care about any part of any Kardashian? Just assin’.



  • Dear Mother Nature:

I love snow! You didn’t have to give it all to Buffalo!

Hoping you have more to share in your snowmaking machine,
A Frozen Fractal Fan


  • Dear Disney & Broadway peeps who wrote that damn song from Frozen:

Why you so catchy and torture me so?

Cursed with this earworm,
She who can’t just let it go


  • Dear Chick-fil-A Peppermint Chocolate Milkshake:

I quote Fat Bastard: Get. In. My. Belly.
I love you soooooo much. For reals. It’s not just a crush.

She who inhales every last drop or your deliciousness


  • Dear Time:

Thanks for taking care of things. I know I wanted some stuff to go faster, but, of course, you were right. It all works out when it’s supposed to, eh?

Tick-tockily yours,

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Snow Silence

Please excuse Tara from not blogging today due to the snow. Yes, we know that means she’s stuck inside as the roads get worse, businesses close, and life out there shuts down until the storm ends. So really, she has no good excuse for not being more creative and blogging since her computer is usually inside (and is right now) and she’s toasty and dry and safe.

Apparently, the Eastern seaboard is taking the day off, though, so she wants to join that party.

Blanket, check.

Books, check.

Internet peeps on social media all talking about the same things, check.

Lots of lovely beverages and snacks, check.

French toast ingredients (bread, eggs, etc.), um, well, she didn’t know the storm was coming so… she has bread and eggs and milk just because she always does. And she bought toilet paper yesterday, but because she actually needed it (she didn’t see the SNOWSTORM OF THE CENTURY DOPPLER POPPLER SUDDEN SNOWY DEATH REPORT on the news until late last night). Either way, she has supplies and is tucked inside.

Motivation to look out the window and say, “It’s so pretty,” check.

Motivation to do much else gone with the wind, check.

Until the snow melts….. we now return to our non-regularly scheduled silence.