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Random Thoughts Thursday: Numbers

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: Numbers

  • Number of times I have listened to Sia’s Chandelier, now that I’ve discovered its awesomeness: at least 50
  • Number of times I heard of Sia previously: once, for Breathe Me, which I loved, so I should have gotten into Chandelier sooner
  • Number of times I thought Sia singing Chandelier in the very beginning of the song was Rihanna: at least 10
  • Number of apologies to Sia for thinking she sounded like Rihanna: 1. I’m sorry.
  • Number of inches of snow that fell this week: they say 6. I say, eh, not so much
  • Number of degrees it was two nights leaving some place at midnight: 9
  • Number of times I spritzed windshield washer fluid on in those temps before watching it freeze instantly and remembering that it would, you know, freeze instantly: 2
  • Number of minutes I had to wait by the side of the road until the heater melted the frozen windshield washer each time: about 5 mins per
  • Number of desserts I’ve made this winter: one for every time it snowed (I’ve lost count)
  • Number of pounds gained because of that: ???
  • Number of rude questions asked: 1 (see above)
  • Number of weeks until Spring: infinity? (no, it just feels that way — and that’s for you cold complainers. Me, I love Winter.)
  • Number of smiles you’ve enjoyed while reading this: at least a few, I hope.