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#DSFWeeklyRewind: On the Bayou

If you’d like to do a #DSFWeeklyRewind post, see the guidelines here and post your link in the comments (or ping back to this post, if you’re on NOTE: The Rewind is open to posts on Saturdays and Sundays (it used to start on Friday).

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Welcome to my #DSFWeeklyRewind post for this week. So how was it?

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No Bones About It

Today is the 8-week Injur-versary from when I fell down, go boom at the roller rink. As you may remember (bear with me — I’m telling the newbies!), I fractured my distal radius and was in a hard, yet removable-after-4-weeks cast for 6 weeks, then a soft brace when I worked and slept until this past weekend. What a strange, weird, interesting experience this has been. I know I still have weeks to go until I have full use of my left extremity again, but I think 8 weeks is a good time to look back at Bone Break 2017.

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