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#DSFRTT: Letters!

DSFRTT FroggieThey’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: A posting from Tara to the Daisy Smiley Face-ians

In honor of all the letters that were sent to the North Pole, and because I love letters, and because I do this occasionally (SOON to be REGULARLY), I give you

Brief Epistles

 applause applause!

  • Dear Notorious O.C.D.:

That millimeter of space you moved the tree, then moved the tree, then moved the tree… you’re still doing it, aren’t you… it doesn’t make the tree look any better. It just makes it obvious you might need to chat with someone about this little tic of yours.


She who turns the tree pot ever so slightly when you’re not looking (do I? Nah…….  maybe….)


  • Dear Alex Trebek:

We get it. You like to do accents. But could you just read faster? Leaving an entire category on the board — which happens way too frequently — bugs me. I want to hear all 30 clues in each round of Jeopardy!


Errrrrrcyoool Pwahrowwwww from Neek-ear-ag-waaaaa


  • Dear Drivers:

This is supposed to be a festive time of year. Unless you’re giving me the thumbs up, I don’t care to see any of your fingers, thanks. The shoulder is not a driving lane. You’re weaving! PUT DOWN YOUR DAMN PHONE.




  • Dear Anyone Who Openly Expresses Dislike for a Christmas Present to the Giver:

You automatically get put onto an Ugly Sweater list for the following year.


Santa’s Sinister Elf


  • Dear Deer:

If Rudolph can fly, why can’t you stay out of the road and/or move off the road instead of just standing there staring into my headlights?


Inquiring Minds Want to Know


  • Mr. Tree 2015Dear Christmas Tree:

You’re so stinkin’ cute. Just wanted to fawn over you a bit.


Crazy Fir You (see what I did there!)


  • Dear People of the World:

Let’s really give this peace thing a chance, OK?



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Random Thoughts Thursday: Favorite Things

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This Week: Favorite Things

In honor of next Thursday being Thanksgiving here in ‘Murica, let’s look at some (mostly) silly things of life that are My Favorite Things, for which I’m grateful:

As listed in my latest newsletter (that’s right, subscribers’ heads were filled with this fascinating info a good two weeks before you!):

  • making up words
  • real words that sound made up, like williwaw
  • dollar store reading glasses (clearer vision for A DOLLAR!)
  • self-checkout at the library ~ beep… beep… BOOKS!
  • Burger King kids’ meals
  • owls
  • SNOW!
  • the first night on fresh, clean sheets.


  • Jeopardy!
  • Pandora’s skipping function
  • Brand new pencil erasers
  • When the layers for my layer cake come out even/level
  • Chocolate jimmies
  • Starbucks Black Iced Tea
  • Getting and sending mail
  • When the ponytail elastic with the weakened, stretched-out part holds on for one more twirl (three times ’round!)
  • That ‘holds on’ made me think of Jamie Walters and that song from the 90s (did you know he’s a fireman now?)
  • Ladybugs and butterflies
  • The spiders in my house/on my car, all named Herman
  • Full service gas stations
  • Drives by the river or to the ocean
  • Toll-free roads
  • Autumn (see two pics I had in an exhibit in my other life here)
  • Winter (there will be MANY photos when there is snow. You’ve been warned.)
  • That I am the type of person who sings along with the music in the grocery store, makes screeching tires noises when I go around a curve (even at 10mph), and when I saw new carts at Target a few years ago, I almost jumped out of my skin. “NEW CARTS! COOL!”
  • Making people smile. You are, aren’t you? C’mon. I know you are.

Daisy Smiley Face: It's My Happy Place.

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Random Thoughts Thursday: Things I Don’t Understand

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: Things I Don’t Understand
(For those keeping score at home, last week was Things I Can’t Believe… Apparently, a trend’s emerging this month as far as RTT is concerned…)

    Most Interesting Man in the World Meme - Pandora! STOP!

  • Why, WHY, for the love of all things good, Pandora keeps offering me every Sade song in her catalog. (Hint: If I keep hitting “thumbs down,” STOP PLAYING THAT ARTIST. See also: Anita Baker and Josh Groban.)
  • Oh, and just because I liked the one Sarah MacLachlan song doesn’t mean I want to hear every single MacLachlan song ever written. Give me other Canadians! Or at least put more songs between Sarah Selections.


  • How dust can accummulate so quickly (or how so much time can evaporate between dustings?).
  • How the white hair now more than two feet long like the rest of my brownish red hair escaped my view for so long.
  • Why the eyebrow I plucked by accident once never grew back, but the teeny hair that likes to pop out from my chin always returns no matter how many times I rip it out.
  • If I know that Jeopardy likes to feature mythology and U.S. presidents numbers 20-25 or so and the countries of Africa, why I haven’t studied the parts of those I don’t yet have down pat.
  • Why I can’t leave the library with just the one book I had on hold.
  • Why some peeps on Twitter want you to RT their tweets, but never RT others.
  • Why it takes some people so long to choose their meal at Chick-fil-A — they only make chicken so how hard can it be to figure out how you want it?
  • Why posts have to end… parting is such sweet sorrow….

Happy weekend!

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Random Thoughts Thursday: I *heart* stuff

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

  • True Detective has returned to make going to sleep on Sunday nights difficult again.
  • Yes, I’m watching, not as obsessively as the first time, but still… Thanks, HBO, for the return to Carcosa and the blabble about time and flat circles and the Yellow King.
  • I *heart* Rust Cohle.
  • Sick to death of McConaughey, though.
  • He’s my new Bradley Cooper/JLaw — they wore out their welcome last January or so.
  • They replaced Anne Hathaway, who made me miserables for that entire awards season, then finally, thank all things good, disappeared.
  • Glad I finally saw Dallas Buyers Club, though (again, thanks, HBO).
  • I *heart* Jared Leto — he played Rayon.
  • I still *heart* MSCL.
  • Jeopardy! started its 31st season this week.
  • What is something that makes me extremely nerdily happy? (I *heart* Jeopardy!)
  • Can Brandon and Dylan and Steve and David Silver make appearances?
  • I still *heart* Beverly Hills, 90210.
  • If we could, I would totes meet you all at the Peach Pit for some pie and fun conversation.
  • I *heart* that… and you for reading!
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Random Thoughts Thursday: Brief Epistles

  • Dear Angelina:

You deserved that Oscar(tm) nomination for the abomination that is Changeling. You delivered the same line or slight variations with so many different emotions. “That isn’t my son. Where is my son? Did you kill my son? That isn’t my Walter. Where’s my son?” You still look a bit like an alien to me, but that’s cool.

She who loves your performance in “Girl, Interrupted” the most


  • Dear Clint Eastwood:

Please stop with the black and blue in your films. For instance, the black umbrellas and blue-ish gray lighting in Changeling. … Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby… Stop doing the same thing over and over again. Wait, isn’t insanity doing the same thing over and expecting a different result? Note to self: stop watching Clint Eastwood-directed movies — you don’t like them.

She who is awakened to the obvious


  • Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I gave up on you a couple of seasons ago when you got silly and soapy. I came back this year when it seemed you were growing up and being a good show again. Then, you reverted to your soapy, silly behavior. I’m breaking up with you again.

She who knows exs are exs for a reason


  • Dear Starbucks,

Thank you for creating the tumbler that looks like a venti cup, complete with green straw. I *heart* you.

Venti sweetened black iced tea addict #4,092,002


  • Dear Tiny Older Man at the bar at Starbucks:

Thanks for chuckling listening to dating stories between her and me.

“He asked me to! On our second date,” she said.

“You know, you have to wade through a lot of duds to find the good one,” I said. “Needles in a haystack, my friend. Needles. In. A. Haystack.”

She who loves an audience


  • Dear Alex Trebek:

Stop acting like you don’t have the answers right in front of you when a contestant gets one wrong, like you knew and that idiot didn’t.

She who wishes “Shakespeare” was a category every night


  • Dear Allergies,

Feck off, eh?

Achoo, sorry, me