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I’ve had a mighty hankering for Chinese food lately, and the gem of a place I found during the winter is closed for a time. Well, at least I can ‘feed’ my writing with the want of such deliciousness, hence the title of this post. It’s Song Lyric Sunday and it’s also halfway through the …

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If you’d like to do a #DSFWeeklyRewind post, see the guidelines here and post your link in the comments (or ping back to this post, if you’re on WordPress.com). Join in. Share. Connect. Welcome to my #DSFWeeklyRewind post for the week ending December 22, 2017. So how was my week?

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!
This Week: Favorite Things

In honor of next Thursday being Thanksgiving, let’s look at some (mostly) silly things of life that are My Favorite Things, for which I’m grateful. Read more…

I *heart* Spock. He’s tied with Captain Picard and Data for my favorite Star Trek characters of all-time. Even knowing that the stars of the original Star Trek series are getting older, I was still surprised and saddened by Leonard Nimoy’s death at the age of 83 on Friday, February 27. I loved him in …

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