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RTT: Feelin’ hot hot hot

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: Feelin’ hot hot hot

  • It was 88 degrees at 11:30 a.m., not a good sign for how hot the day was going to get.
  • Summer, like many relatives, arrives early and unwanted.
  • Will it overstay its welcome, too?
  • I just updated my Goodreads and, it seems, for my 2015 Reading Challenge, I’m four books behind.
  • How can I read to catch up when it’s so hot that I can’t turn the page without sweating?
  • My legs, in my shorts (which are even too hot for this heat, are stuck to the chair I’m working in.
  • I’ll be here until the weather cools and I can get up without my thighs making a sound like I’m ripping tape off a package.
  • That’s if you can get the tape lifted enough to pull it off… usually, I need a chainsaw to get through packaging.
  • Is today National First World Problems Day?
  • In that case, you should know that the post of my earring keeps poking my head when I press the phone against my ear, too.
  • Take it out? Are you kidding? Why would I do that?
  • Whilst sipping cold iced tea and sitting on the air conditioning vent, I’m tracking packages of 3 books I’m waiting for, from two different companies.
  • They’ll fit nicely on top of the pile of books I have to read (that somehow just keeps getting taller).
  • It’s my own personal game of Intellectual Jenga — I pull out the book that calls to me (usually from the middle of the pile), then add more on top.
  • I’m going to end this here so I can go play a game of “envision I’m sitting on a pile of snow in my bathing suit.” Only three more days until this heat wave ends (I hope for once the weather person is right).
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I’m getting warmer

photo credit: @Doug88888 via photopin cc
photo credit: @Doug88888 via photopin cc

You think I’m going to complain about the 80 degree temps. Well, you’re wrong! My dilemma this week has been something much more elusive, something much more challenging.

I can’t find the “warm” setting on the shower.

Recently, a new hot water heater was installed. Since then, I’ve struggled to find the “warm” sweet spot. Correlation? Or am I only now realizing this because the weather is changing and hot (Winter) or cold (Summer) is not needed because warm will do?

The beginning of the shower looks like San Francisco in the morning. Fog and steam as far as the eye can see (which is not very far). What can I say — some like it hot. Eventually, the steam fogs my brain and it’s time to turn the faucet back to lukewarm. It’s in the middle somewhere, but I can’t find it. It’s always just slightly out of reach. If only I was as lucky as baby bear and could find the spot that’s just right… I’m going to keep trying. A little to the left, a little to the right, spinning the faucet like a roulette wheel. The odds are against me, but I’m going to keep betting and hoping that my luck with change.

Until I find it, at least the cold blast that instantly forms icicles on my dripping wet hair will cool the scald from inching, no, centimetering just a bit too far to the left. And then of course, there are the fun dances I’m choreographing whilst jumping out of the way of the burning or chilled cascading beads of water. Thank goodness there aren’t surveillance cameras… (…. are there?)

I’ll never give up! And after each attempt, I’ll comfort myself with a lovely treat of pistachios. Of course, there are a bunch that haven’t been cracked all the way through.

These first world problems are tough, eh?