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Daisy Digest: November 2018

Daisy Digest Logojust did this, right? I know they put some kind of fancy photo-taking pseudo-scientist robot on Mars, but I think they also must have done something to the space-time continuum. November cannot be over already! Alas, my paper calendars (yes, plural) tell me ’tis true. November, like the Autumn that has morphed too quickly into Winter, I barely knew ye (and apparently, I barely knew old English because the first time I typed that, I wrote yee).

AND on top of everything else, I’m writing this post in the evening on November 30, when I meant to write it earlier today (or actually earlier this week then tidy today and post). *le sigh*

Anyway, let’s pause — seriously, is there a pause button for days/weeks/months? Can someone invent that, please? — and take a look back at the month just passed as it comes to an end.

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I can’t think of a clever title because summer’s humidity makes my brain not work properly

(Boy, that was wordy.)

A spam comment started with this: “Keep functioning.” (A) Thanks, bot, for the encouragement said in a really weird way. (B) How did you know I’m struggling to function?

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Autumn’s arrival

Autumn walk
Autumn 2015

I wear my hair down daily after 90 days of ponytails — it’s a lot longer than I thought it would be now. My wardrobe features pants and shirts with sleeves after endless months of as little clothing as possible. As I leave the house today, I take my hoodie with me, for the first time in months, just in case the sleeves aren’t enough as the sun fades from the sky.
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Random Thoughts Thursday: Favorite Things

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This Week: Favorite Things

In honor of next Thursday being Thanksgiving here in ‘Murica, let’s look at some (mostly) silly things of life that are My Favorite Things, for which I’m grateful:

As listed in my latest newsletter (that’s right, subscribers’ heads were filled with this fascinating info a good two weeks before you!):

  • making up words
  • real words that sound made up, like williwaw
  • dollar store reading glasses (clearer vision for A DOLLAR!)
  • self-checkout at the library ~ beep… beep… BOOKS!
  • Burger King kids’ meals
  • owls
  • SNOW!
  • the first night on fresh, clean sheets.


  • Jeopardy!
  • Pandora’s skipping function
  • Brand new pencil erasers
  • When the layers for my layer cake come out even/level
  • Chocolate jimmies
  • Starbucks Black Iced Tea
  • Getting and sending mail
  • When the ponytail elastic with the weakened, stretched-out part holds on for one more twirl (three times ’round!)
  • That ‘holds on’ made me think of Jamie Walters and that song from the 90s (did you know he’s a fireman now?)
  • Ladybugs and butterflies
  • The spiders in my house/on my car, all named Herman
  • Full service gas stations
  • Drives by the river or to the ocean
  • Toll-free roads
  • Autumn (see two pics I had in an exhibit in my other life here)
  • Winter (there will be MANY photos when there is snow. You’ve been warned.)
  • That I am the type of person who sings along with the music in the grocery store, makes screeching tires noises when I go around a curve (even at 10mph), and when I saw new carts at Target a few years ago, I almost jumped out of my skin. “NEW CARTS! COOL!”
  • Making people smile. You are, aren’t you? C’mon. I know you are.

Daisy Smiley Face: It's My Happy Place.

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Random Thoughts Thursday: Things I Can’t Believe

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: Things I Can’t Believe

  • Today is October 1.
  • How much my eyesight is changing now that I’m not 25 anymore.
  • That I got readers (reading glasses) at the dollar store… for $1.
  • That the meteorologist lady keeps calling Joaquin (wah-keen) Joaquim (wah-keemmmmmmmm, with emphasis on the m).
  • That anyone thinks of these weather ladies (why are many of them women now) as anything more than the Vanna Whites of the Weather — they pivot in place, they point (they don’t applaud, though, so there’s that).
  • That despite my advanced age and experience, there’s a 90 percent chance that when I turn the hand cream bottle upsidedown to dispense the cream, as I squeeze, the first splatter will land on my shirt and/or pants.
  • That the percentage of that happening increases to almost 100 if I’m wearing black or if I’m just about to head out the door.
  • That the Target parking lot is always packed — does no one work?
  • That the leaves haven’t really changed yet and they may never at the rate this season seems to be going (Held Hostage by Summer: Month Five… will it ever end?).I'm Still Here movie poster
  • That weather people somehow keep themselves from laughing when they say that we’re in the “Cone of Uncertainty.”
  • I CAN believe that the weekend is almost here and I’m looking forward to reading, by flashlight if I have to, whilst battoning down the hatches. If Joaquin does come, I hope it’s Mr. Phoenix. I’d be happy to see him (well, Walk the Line-era Joaquin, not so much I’m Still Here Joaquin).

Happy weekend, peeps!


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Tara: Unplugged

It’s been a long hot summer, filled with heat, humidity, and the stench of disappointment (that last one’s on you, True Detective). It’s time for a wee break. That’s right… it’s time for


What does this mean? This means:

  • No blogging

Hmmm. Caps and exclamation points should mean more, eh? Well, it doesn’t, because:

  • I quit Pinterest early this year, after being on for less than a year. I figured I got all the good cauliflower recipes and ideas for carving pumpkins. And I grew tired of looking at starving, exercising women ogling the photo of lasagna that landed right next to them.
  • I quit Facebook last year after the algorithm changed (for the millionth time) making it more possible that I’ll meet and marry Joseph Gordon-Levitt than it is that someone will see my author page. I also was bugged by the revelation about that psychological study they did and didn’t tell anybody about. I went back, but decided to leave again when I read about software they’re making to identify every person in a photo by facial recognition. Creepy. PLUS! Facebook, IMHO, makes people lazy. And by people, I mean family. More on that another day.

I simply can’t quit Twitter, but I do need to step away a bit. It’s fun and fabulous, but it’s also a great way to procrastinate. I NEED TO FINISH MY BOOK! (I’m totes yelling at myself, not you lovely people). So I’ll be tweeting, but not as much as I have been. Will I survive?

*looking for my blankie and teddy bear*

My goals: to have fun, reconnect with the outdoors (without melting or feeling like I could fry eggs on my arm in the car — by the way, my arms look like a before and after tanning photo), take some piccies, write a LOT, read a LOT, nap A LOT.

The Bloggy Goodness returns in September — let me say that happy word again, SEPTEMBER. I’ll be refreshed and ready to blog some more. And hopefully, I’ll have more fun things to share! September 8 is the exact day for you people who need structure (that would include me as well.)

As I end here, I’ll say take care. Mind the Internet while I’m gone and please keep Twitter warm when I’m not around.

As I enjoy shameless self-promotion, I’ll invite you to read the bloggy archives. There they are! Under the heading Sands through the hourglass. *points to sidebar a la Vanna White* There’s some good stuff in the archives! I’m not bragging — people said so! In the comments or on the Twitter! People I’m not even related to!

Things happen online in the blink of an eye. The month will fly by before we know it. I took a month off in April and y’all barely blinked. Tempus fugit and all.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you again upon my return on September 8! Parting is such sweet sorrow! Until September be-eth upon uth, er, us…

A Happiness Is Cartoon about uplugging



P.S. If you run out of things to read and miss me terribly, check out this site. She’s a good writer….