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Face Off

It’s one of those days when I sit down to write and I don’t know what to say. I have much to say, but I don’t want specifically to write about what I see happening in the (disturbing) world of politics (where I’m spiritually with the resistance when I can’t be in person). My lil’ space here is an escape from that real world stuff, dammit! I’ll just say with all that’s going on, this past weekend and Monday night especially, I am way in touch with Winona Ryder’s face contortions at the SAG Awards (Girl! Wow.). During the past three days (and for the next four years?), I may possibly make some or all of these on a daily basis.

p.s. I also enjoyed the speech. And don’t get me wrong, I totes love Wi and her cray cray ways (but I wouldn’t let her anywhere near the White House either).

Holy hell. <furrowed brow>