Time-saving Transformation

The journey is always ongoing. Change is constant. Some particular changes have been or were made, or continued to be in progress. Lessons learned, then learned again… and again. COVID came along and the path to change became a moving walkway at the airport. Welcome to your destination, a lot sooner than you intended to arrive.

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Techy Transformation Information

The world has been so noisy these past few years that I took advantage of the upheaval brought by the pandemic to evaluate things and then of the colder weather to hunker down in the dark and quiet. I thought about what in my world contributes to the noise. I also thought about the meaning of connection and how to truly connect authentically via technology. Of course, I’ve always thought about connection, but this year heightened my awareness.

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Transformation Information

Like when people say their clothes don’t fit now because of quarantine, my blog doesn’t fit like it used to, but I’m not sure what suits me best going forward. So I’ll just wing it until it becomes clear. That’s to say that things are changing (on the blog and also IRL) and I’m not sure exactly how yet, but I don’t mind not knowing.

That, my friends, is a first.

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