DSF: For Your Information

What the heck happens here at Daisy Smiley Face? Well, funny you should ask. Allow me to provide the deets, FYI.

Daisy Smiley Face’s BLOGGY GOODNESS is certified FRESH and NEW (and gluten free!) often. Which days? Well, that depends on what Muse will allow (she’s so finicky). Often, something will happen or I’ll do something/go somewhere/have a thought that inspires a post. I can’t predict those days. Read the posts of Randomy Goodness here.

Muse is fickle, time is limited, and adulting is so time-consuming, so I post several categories irregularly regularly, hence my Frequently Infrequent Series!

That includes:

  • Daisy Digest: This brand new series posts on the last day of the month. I used to do something similar weekly, but… time and adulting, etc. Daisy Digest will include:
    • Blooms and wilts (highlights and challenges)
    • Gratitude bounty
    • Daisy Delights (like what’s in the sidebar under the same name)
    • Randomy Goodness (incl. a lil’ story?) as the month comes to a close.

    Knowing me, there will be photos, music, quotes, etc., too.

  • Reviews for You! DSF Movie Monday Did you see and agreeMovie Monday: Back in the day, I compared my thoughts to those of my movie soulmate, Roger Ebert (we often agreed, but I still haven’t forgiven him for not liking Eddie and the Cruisers). Movie-watching takes precious time and so many movies are awful, I don’t watch them often. Therefore, Movie Monday is the flagship of my Frequently Infrequent series. See what flicks I’ve seenDid you see and agree?
  • Speaking of music, there’s Woke Up Singing, in which I opine on… what I woke up singing… and why I think I did (it’s funner — yes, I said funner — than you may think). This happens often, but the category is relatively new! Read posts here.
  • Introvert in an Extrovert World: self-explanatory, yes? Occasionally, I peruse this topic, usually when something occurs outside. This one’s infrequent because, as an introvert, one of my favorite pastimes is staying in, wearing pajamas, and reading/writing, so unless the extroverts start coming here more often… … …  Read those posts here.
  • Photography (the category without a snazzy title… yet): See above for reasons why this is infrequent (unless you all just want me to take pictures of the inside of my house). See pic posts here.

Since blogging = connecting, I also participate in some blog challenges with people I’ve connected with, including:

  • ThursdayDoors DSFThursday Doors: The brainchild of Norm 2.0, each week photographers post photos of doors. It’s amazing what people find around the world. I don’t do this every Thursday, but I do it often. See my doors.
  • Song Lyric Sunday: As the great poet Kiki Dee once said, I’ve got the music in me, so I participate often in this weekly blog linkup via Helen’s Words of Life. She picks a theme and we pick related songs. Sing along with me here.

These are the main things we do here at Daisy Smiley Face (and that’s we meaning me). I might also post something writing-related or just because. The goal is to share, to connect, and to hopefully make y’all smile.

Sharing smiles across the miles… that’s my other other motto!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you often. Introduce yourself, won’t you?

Happy reading!


Review for You! This Is Us: Last year (the show’s 2nd season), I reviewed each episode the day after it aired. This year, I’m just going to watch. Read my reviews here.

Random Thoughts Thursdays: My brain’s always moving and the way the thoughts connect is weird, wacky, unique, and sometimes strange, but hopefully entertaining. Peruse the category here. On the third Thursday, I posted Brief Epistles editions. See them here.


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