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No Bones About It

Today is the 8-week Injur-versary from when I fell down, go boom at the roller rink. As you may remember (bear with me — I’m telling the newbies!), I fractured my distal radius and was in a hard, yet removable-after-4-weeks cast for 6 weeks, then a soft brace when I worked and slept until this past weekend. What a strange, weird, interesting experience this has been. I know I still have weeks to go until I have full use of my left extremity again, but I think 8 weeks is a good time to look back at Bone Break 2017.

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#DSFWeeklyRewind: Leave a Message

#DSFWeeklyRewindHello. Thanks for stopping by this week. Tara is unavailable due to the four-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which started yesterday. There won’t be a new #DSFWeeklyRewind post this week, but feel free to read previous weeks here. If you still want to write a post this week, leave a link to your post in the comments of this post. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming next week.

Have a great weekend!


#DSFWeeklyRewind is a weekly linkup for Twitterites and other bloggers who want to share their week, perhaps with a dash of creativity, and some gratitude. Join us! And invite your friends! Guidelines here.

Hey! You read all the way down here? Well, then here is my annual List of Things to Be Thankful For, 2017 edition (sent to newsletter subscribers last weekend!).

  • Laptop speakers so now I can play my tunes louder whilst writing, allowing me to sing loudly along with it all, including my stint as a backup singer on John Denver’s Country Roads and any song by Journey
  • Coworkers who hold open doors and bring tasty chocolate treats as a surprise to make you feel better when you’ve broken something
  • 21st century casts
  • Pain meds
  • Elvis, Indigo Girls, k.d. lang, and other music that soothes and entertains
  • Klondike Oreo bars
  • This Is Us
  • Tissues
  • Roseanne reruns, In the Kitchen with David, and other TV fare to keep me entertained whilst stuck on the couch
  • books (ditto)
  • a newly discovered local bakery’s cinnamon buns
  • cream cheese, especially on poppy seed bagels
  • extreme limiting of news, social media, and being off Facebook for nearly 2.5 years
  • my microwave popcorn popper that pops corn sans oil!
  • notecards that look like the cards that used to be in the back of library books
  • my library
  • buffalo chicken dip
  • antacid
  • so many things!

And, of course, the usual suspects:

  • Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencils
  • Black Iced Tea
  • sunsets
  • twilight
  • Autumn
  • Winter/snow
  • my camera (DSLR and smartphone)
  • my Muse
  • the power that lives within me, that I forget is there sometimes, until it reminds me
  • my father
  • my other peeps, here and gone
  • breath
  • new years, days, moments

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sight lines

All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I’ve been
And how I got to where I am

The Story by Brandi Carlile

I know that song is 10 years old. I heard it when it came out in 2007 and many times since. It’s really resonating now, and so it’s on repeat, for the foreseeable future.

Why? Several reasons. Today’s focus: the lines across my face…

As you may remember, I recently welcomed the white hairs.

Artist interpretation of possible future me

And now, I’m embracing the wrinkles.

I’ve loved my laugh lines for years. I’ve had them forever. The corners of my eyes crinkle several times a day, and often I’m the reason they do for me and for others. Not only do I welcome laugh lines, they’re a badge of humor honor.

The wrinkle-wrinkles? They took a little longer for me to get on board with.

I’m lucky — having good genes and a hatred of being in the sun — to only have wrinkles appear in the past few years. Some younger have many more.

I knew they would come and, when I bought my first reading glasses, I prepared for the March of The Aging to progress.

Brandi’s song helped me to accept that my face will crease. The Indigo Girls also sang about that happening for a good reason: With every lesson learned, a line upon your beautiful face (that’s in Get Out the Map, y’all).

It took really difficult lessons to gain my first horizontal forehead wrinkle — I named it after my ex-husband. Some processing and healing time later, I re-christened it Wisdom. All others after will follow suit (like George Forman and all his kids named George).

My friend Bill says I earned the white hairs and I’m earning the wrinkles, too. I think he’s right. I don’t have that many Wisdoms, yet. I know I’ll get more, but I hope I’ll never look my age (people still ask me what college I attend… fun!).

If I get a lot more (or if I can’t seem to come to terms with all the Wisdoms), there’s always the option of viewing myself in mirrors from a distance and never viewing whilst wearing my reading glasses. Without the glasses’ magnification, the wrinkles simply won’t exist.

Out of sight, out of lines.

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Whip It

roller-skates-415389_640Two times in the past few months, I’ve mentioned roller skating, to two different people. Both times, the person I was talking to suggested I take up roller derby.

“What about me says roller derby that two people now have suggested it?” I asked the second person yesterday.

“Well, it would be a good way to get out the anxiety and frustration you feel,” he said.

It’s that obvious?

And I thought I hid it so well.

Of course, neither said anything about it until I mentioned roller skating. But upon mentioning that hobby from my youth, which I still love, both suggested a sport in which I’d wear knee and elbow pads, a helmet, and a grimace as I shoved past other women, perhaps pushing them into and/or over a railing.

… …

I gave this some thought.

I’m a firm believer that when something comes up more than once there’s a reason.

I looked into roller derby in my area. There are teams. I have skates.

Then one of the women who loves it mentioned on the website about the blood. …. … … Oh, no, no, no can do. I could never be a vampire either.

So… maybe the message is to find a way to deal with anxiety and frustration that’s been coming my way, and twas not a message to lace up my skates and pounce.

Well, I could go skating, pleasantly, calmly, in circles, perhaps to the greatest hits of the 80s. That would be relaxing, and wouldn’t involve the blood-induced fainting that’s sure to ensue if I decided to whip it, whip it good.