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RTT: Brief Epistles, Jan.21.16

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

spam-964521_640This week: Brief Epistles

(This shall be a third Thursday staple).

  • Dear Library:

I’m sorry I’ve had the books due today for 6 weeks and have only partly read one. My to-be-read stack is soooo big! I will get to them. If there aren’t holds, why can’t I renew indefinitely? Please?


She who will pay the fine and return the one book a day late after speed reading it today


  • Dear Netflix:

I haven’t watched the latest DVD you sent yet, but I will, and will return it before the upcoming date my next month begins. Gotta get my 2 movies for $4.99 money’s worth.

Cinematically yours,

She who watches movies every blue moon


  • Dear Universe:

You know at this point that I notice weird things. Every now and then this week, I still try to figure out the meaning of, on Sunday, having two young women named Ashley wait on me at the two different locations I visited that day.


The woman who also can’t stop singing “He… likes girls…. with names… like Ashley…”


  • Dear People Who Don’t Speak Movie:

That last signature references a movie. Anybody know which one?


The woman who’s faux movie boyfriend used to be John Cusack (HINT!)


  • Dear Free Time:

I haven’t forgotten you. Don’t you… forget about me. After this week, you and I will become best buds again. Just needed to do some things and after Friday, I’ll be back to a more regular schedule. I miss you!

With love,

She who’s working for the weekend this week in particular as she fulfills the needs of three gigs


  • Dear Bed:

You. Me. An extra long visit. Can’t wait.

Anticipationally yours,

Sleepy Me

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#DSFRTT: Letters!

DSFRTT FroggieThey’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: A posting from Tara to the Daisy Smiley Face-ians

In honor of all the letters that were sent to the North Pole, and because I love letters, and because I do this occasionally (SOON to be REGULARLY), I give you

Brief Epistles

 applause applause!

  • Dear Notorious O.C.D.:

That millimeter of space you moved the tree, then moved the tree, then moved the tree… you’re still doing it, aren’t you… it doesn’t make the tree look any better. It just makes it obvious you might need to chat with someone about this little tic of yours.


She who turns the tree pot ever so slightly when you’re not looking (do I? Nah…….  maybe….)


  • Dear Alex Trebek:

We get it. You like to do accents. But could you just read faster? Leaving an entire category on the board — which happens way too frequently — bugs me. I want to hear all 30 clues in each round of Jeopardy!


Errrrrrcyoool Pwahrowwwww from Neek-ear-ag-waaaaa


  • Dear Drivers:

This is supposed to be a festive time of year. Unless you’re giving me the thumbs up, I don’t care to see any of your fingers, thanks. The shoulder is not a driving lane. You’re weaving! PUT DOWN YOUR DAMN PHONE.




  • Dear Anyone Who Openly Expresses Dislike for a Christmas Present to the Giver:

You automatically get put onto an Ugly Sweater list for the following year.


Santa’s Sinister Elf


  • Dear Deer:

If Rudolph can fly, why can’t you stay out of the road and/or move off the road instead of just standing there staring into my headlights?


Inquiring Minds Want to Know


  • Mr. Tree 2015Dear Christmas Tree:

You’re so stinkin’ cute. Just wanted to fawn over you a bit.


Crazy Fir You (see what I did there!)


  • Dear People of the World:

Let’s really give this peace thing a chance, OK?



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