This Is Us: Four Fizzles

Welcome to my weekly review of This Is Us. Today: Season 2, Episode 4, Still There. (The reviews will include spoilers, so don’t read if you haven’t watched and don’t want to know what happens!) My reviews are based on a single viewing. If I were to watch several times, as I can obsess over my favorite shows (I’m looking at you, True Detective, Season 1), I might be even more insightful (or over Randall-ing it all). But I’d rather write my initial impressions than take time dissecting after many views. So…. Continue reading “This Is Us: Four Fizzles”

Song Lyric Sunday: All I Do Is Win

Music is part of my daily life. I sing every day. I’m always listening and/or dancing to something. So when I found Song Lyric Sunday, I just had to participate!

This week’s theme is bragging and the first thing that popped into my head is a song I surely would have never heard were it not for a famous actress and a silly lip sync battle. Continue reading “Song Lyric Sunday: All I Do Is Win”