About Tara

I'm smiling WMI had a snazzy bio before the pandemic, went to rewrite it a bit, and was like… it’s a pandemic. What will I say — I spend a lot of time in my pjs in Zoom meetings and some time fighting off the existential dread of uncertainty?

Anyway, when not in a pandemic, I enjoy going outside more often, being around other humans on a more frequent basis (but not too much — see: introvert), reading, organizing (papers/files/etc.), taking pictures, and writing. I make my own spaghetti sauce now, with three ingredients plus salt and pepper to taste. Aside from lots of writing time, that’s a pandemic plus (see: silver linings).

I’ve been quiet on the blog off and on in 2020, because *gestures wildly in all directions*. My blogging history goes back to the form’s heyday. *speaking in old person voice* I remember when blogging started, before Facebook turned most into robots who can’t stop scrolling. … From 2004 to about 2010, I had several blogs. In 2013, I created Daisy Smiley Face: It’s my happy place because I’m a big fan of laughing and silliness. I ponder, occasionally, but there’s usually humor in that, too. I’ve met some lovely folks, nowhere near my 2004 numbers of eyeballs, but bigger and more connected hearts, and that’s so much better.


Welcome to Daisy Smiley Face. Please use a coaster ~ we’ll get along just fine.