About Moi

I can neither confirm nor deny that I was just singing along to My Heart Will Go On as I typed the update for this page (December 2017). Blame Pandora, and me, circa 2008, for clicking the thumbs up icon on that one.

So you want to know about me? (I’m assuming… you clicked About Moi…)


I love all things French, black iced tea, air drumming, showtunes, Pink Pearl erasers, Dixon Ticonderoga #2s, singing whilst driving, puns, Jeopardy!, baking, taking pictures, writing, the beach, comfortable pants, the library, and positivity. I’m an office drone, but I enjoy the company of others (just a few, as I’m an introvert), organizing desks and computer files, and playing with websites and all the techy doohickeys.

As for blogging, I’ve been at it off and on since 2004, in various incarnations. I stopped for a while in the late aughts, but started up again in 2013, off and on, here. The tag line is oh so true — Daisy Smiley Face: It’s my happy place. I’m a big fan of laughing and silliness. I ponder, occasionally, but there’s usually humor in that, too.

I post frequently, but not regularly. I tried setting a schedule for certain days every week. Muse wouldn’t cooperate and I also found that people who are adulting don’t have time to read so much every week. There are themes for posts and challenges I participate in — see DSFFYI for info on that.

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Welcome to Daisy Smiley Face. It’s my happy place.

** Please use a coaster ~ we’ll get along just fine.


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Here are some pictures for your eyeball enjoyment.

Sunset over the river.


20170605_183827 (1)
After Spring rains.


My favorite time of year.