Still smiling

Of course I am. Of course not all the time. But living here on the bright side means I probably am more often than not. I even manage to find a way to smile during hard times. I like to share my smiles, but have found myself increasingly unable to — all the energy having gone to adulting during a pandemic, recovering from the traumatic year+ we all just went through, dealing with things pushed to the wayside by said trauma, starting a new job (!), et al.

This post then is not to say I’m back, but instead just to say I’m still here, I’m still smiling, and I anticipate a return, sometime, I just don’t know when. I do know that I like timelines, so I’m going to check in with myself again in Autumn. So that’s when I’ll be back here then, too… unless something else comes up that I can’t see like happened last year then this year then…. who knows?

Adjusting. Recuperating. Just being.

I hope you’re well, and smiling. Until our smiles meet again…

14 thoughts on “Still smiling

  1. I totally get that, Tara. I’m not blogging as much as usual either but I think many folks take the summer off. I do intend to write a bit this week but I’m not stressing about it. It is not all sunshine and roses but there is usually some small thing to smile about, even if it’s just something the dog does – LOL

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  2. Hello there!
    So happy to see a quick little post from you 🤍🤍
    And Tara – you are doing things right by just being and living life with genuine flow
    If you forced coming back to blog land it would or could be a huge drain (I learned that from experience a few times )
    But do know you are missed ☀️

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  3. I’ve stopped by to see what’s up with you and could swear I commented on this post already. But no comment here so I’ll say “hi!” and tell you that I’m looking forward to your return to blogging… if you decide to do so. 🙂

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    • Hello! Sorry for the delayed response. I have no idea what I will be doing blog-wise. I’m in a deep state of silence and introspection still, though not as deep as earlier this year. Emerging from a shell? Into … what? Not sure. Thanks for staying tuned! It’s nice to be missed.

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