Ms. Bean asks some questions

Ms. Ally Bean, the one with the spectacles, answered some bloggy questions posed by another blogger, and she indicated it’s a good way for her to emerge from a bloggy rut. As I have been experiencing something not so much a rut but bloggy silence as my brain thinks about other things that require way too much attention, I decided to answer her questions as something fun to post the the ol’ blog here.

The Spectacled Bean’s Five Questions

Q1 – What’s your favorite movie?

This used to be a tough question because I watched or went the movies a lot. Then, social media and the fast pace of American life damaged my attention span, plus Hollywood started putting out movies that suck just because, so every time I went to watch a film, I asked myself, “Is this worth two hours of my time?” The answer more often than not was no. I’ve seen great movies in the past and even a few in the past few years. As of what my brain can remember right now, my favorite movies are: Say Anything, East of Eden, Sliding Doors, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, Argo, Untamed Heart, and The Outsiders.

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Q2 – When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem?

A narrow heel makes almost all regular shoes impossible to wear. Thanks, freakish family tiny heel genes!

Q3 – Ice cream cone or cupcake?

What kind of hell is this? Having to choose between my two favorite desserts. I… I can’t. Ice cream AND a cupcake. You can keep the cone.

Q4 – What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic?

I am more resourceful than I ever imagined and I am a really good cook.

Q5 – Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss.

I’m looking around and I don’t see any, so that means it must be me.

If this were a maze, this would be one of those dead end things where you have to turn around and go the other way because I’m not going to ask five new questions for anyone who wants to answer them (as Ms. Bean did) or tag people to do it (as others did). The Qs stop here. Keep your hands inside the blog until it comes to a full and complete stop. Next stop: possibly another blog post, but who knows when?

8 thoughts on “Ms. Bean asks some questions

  1. Thanks for answering the questions and linking to my post. This is old school blogging at its finest. I miss it, truth be told.

    You nailed the movie question. I rarely see them anymore. My mind is flighty and the movies never sound that good to me to begin with. Of your answers, I’ve seen Say Anything and Argo. Liked them.

    I’ve got narrow heels, so I understand. I, too, would answer Q3 with both. Not too many people have though.

    I like that you know you are a good cook now, and that you own up to being eccentric. All the best people are, you know!

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    • Twas fun to do and yes, this used to be the thing to do, right?

      Sorry to hear about your narrow heels, too. Happy to hear you, too, want both the cake and ice cream. Rational people, you and me.

      “All the best people are, you know!” — that’s what I keep telling myself. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies in a theater, but the DVDs I borrow from the library with hope often never get watched either. Happy you’re on the cupcake AND ice cream team! I had a sundae yesterday from Bruster’s — haven’t seen a Cold Stone in years! Might have to remedy that.


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