Friday Fhoughts: Jan. 29, 2021

See, what happened was *gestures wildly all around with my mini American flag* and that set me back as I took time to recover. January 6’s insurrection was exhausting then saddening then maddening, all leading to curling up again in the super soft blankie for days, then time warped until January 20, then hope! BIG sighs of relief! The narcissist is gone. So, too, then the daily triggers reminiscent of past experiences. Oh, how I enjoy boring government press briefings that could put a sloth to sleep and not checking the news every five minutes to make sure a nuclear attack isn’t starting because someone’s tiny feelings got hurt. I’m calm and relax-y and I think, “I miss my blog!” so I sign into WordPress and…. *faints*…. my last post was January 5. I was just saying last night to someone how I feel like somehow a week or two disappeared into the ether — are they in a lost and found box somewhere?

I look at my calendar, which thankfully Present Me has the sense to write on often with the activities that occupy my time because Future Me struggles mightily to remember anything that Past Me did and then every day looks the same, and they are, but they’re not.

I *went* to a writer’s conference that included a Zoom disco, and that was the most fun I’ve had in I don’t remember how long, even pre-pandemic Emily Dickinson-ing. The host changed his screen name to John Travolta so I changed mine to what I would be if I was at a dance in person: Wallflower. Just over here, holding up the wall, enjoying the perks of being such, as one does.

Red Lobster was obtained curbside for the at-risk person because I don’t cook fish and they wanted fish, so we got fish. I actually got a kids’ popcorn shrimp meal because I don’t know who they think these super large meals are for — their regular portions are GINORMOUS. I sent the at-risk person to pick up said meal in the trunk of her car because I may not always be able to and one must experience it to learn how to do it — barking through the window to PLEASE PUT IT IN THE TRUNK if the kid didn’t read the online order request or didn’t hear you the first time you said it, for instance.

Last week was apparently Mayim Bialik Appreciation Week, but only in my house, because I watched three episodes of her new show Call Me Kat, listened to her new podcast The Bialik Breakdown, and read an article about how she’s going to guest-host Jeopardy! soon. This weekend, I’ll watch a few episodes of Blossom as a topper.

I drove by the river, I don’t know how many times. I’ve packed the overnight bag for a quick overnight (obvs) at the beach as soon as the wind stops blowing Canadian air (cold beach visit — ok; arctic visit — no thank you.) I’ve written. I’ve lazed. I’ve hung in there. I’ve cooked. I’ve read. I’ve slept. I’ve dreamed. I’ve planned. I’ve hoped. I’ve chilled (literally and figuratively).

I guess I didn’t lose the time really. I just never knew what day it was except that it was This Day and I did what I do. Still, for current events and scheduling things, it would be good to stay a little more in touch with the space-time continuum other people seem to be on. I’ll set an electronic reminder — an email to Future Me saying, “HEY YOU! CHECK WHAT DAY IT IS!” and then, you know, I’ll know.

Or not.

We’ll see.

It’s Friday (I KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS!). Those are my fhoughts. To the weekend! (I KNOW WHAT DAY TOMORROW AND THE NEXT DAY ARE!)

P.S. Before you go… Music time! Enjoy the song stylings of Green Day with Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), about being happy someone’s gone, unpredictability, turning points, making the best of life tests, letting time direct[s] you where to go… My January in a pleasant acoustic nutshell.


13 thoughts on “Friday Fhoughts: Jan. 29, 2021

  1. Even though I’m the worst at remembering to listen to podcasts, I’ll add Mayim Bialik’s to my list. I liked her in Blossom and loved her in The Big Bang Theory. I’ve yet to see her in her newest TV show. Maybe this weekend I’ll find it streaming somewhere.


    • Her new show needs time to grow, but I the idea and I love her, so I’ll keep watching. Speaking of watching, the podcast is also available on the YouTube, which is how I actually *listened* to it, i.e. watched it.

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  2. I hear you about the time disappearing. I’ve been listening to the press briefings recently too, something I never did before. Thank goodness for calendars, right? I have mine saved back to when I was in my early 20’s – 40+ years, just in case I need to remember something – LOL Janet


    • Happy to hear you’re watching the boring press briefings, too, Janet! I’ve watched them in the past occasionally, but I want to watch the changes these first few weeks to make sure things really are getting back to a bit of “normal.” Politics is politics and there’s much to change, but it’s easier to start from a place of less crazy. 🙂 Calendars help, yes. Also — the guy on the morning news who tells me the day and date. That’s my new go-to. ha! I have a bunch of calendars saved, too. Helps with my writing sometimes.

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  3. hi t
    enjoyed your post and the closing song for so well
    and my nice was a huge green day fan a while ago and so it brought memories of her

    will check out “call me kat”
    oh and the zoom disco sounds fun


  4. Thanks so much for including the Green Day video! I haven’t heard that song in years and it’s a perfect one for making the best of the pandemic and the winter. My husband keeps saying we need to get one of those little signs they have hanging in hospital patient rooms that lets you know what day and date of the month it is. He might just do it one of these days… (Look at the calendar, I tell him. But he says that doesn’t work for him, all those empty squares…)


  5. I didn’t realize Mayim Bialik is going to guest host Jeopardy. That ought to be fun. I watched the first episode of her new show and really, really wanted to like it. It might need some time.

    Thank you for the Green Day song. I haven’t heard that in a while. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I’m enjoying the fact that there ARE press briefings again, and that they seem so normal and boring. 🙂


    • I’m not sure when Mayim’s Jeopardy! turn is. If I find out, I’ll share the news. Yeah, the show isn’t great… I hope they give it time to find its feet.

      You’re welcome for the song! I’m loving all these Green Day fans in my comments! 🙂 Snoringly boring. I think that’s Joe’s new slogan. 😉

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