Time-saving Transformation

The journey is always ongoing. Change is constant. Some particular changes have been or were made, or continued to be in progress. Lessons learned, then learned again… and again. COVID came along and the path to change became a moving walkway at the airport. Welcome to your destination, a lot sooner than you intended to arrive.

Filter: completely broken, though tact is still employed (…most of the time….). Thoughts are withheld only if it’s appropriate (self-preservation, won’t add to or change the circumstance). In most cases, thoughts are shared, with kindness (….most of the time…). My norm always has been to consider all sides, analyze every position and possible outcome from sharing, speaking out, talking back. But I’ve held my tongue many a time when I shouldn’t have (most likely for irrational reasons, like letting anxiety lead the way). From COVID time forward: Truth at all times, especially when I might have been silent.

Getting to enough: takes a lot less time than it used to. When people show you who they are, believe them (thanks, Dr. Angelou).

Ill-advised/rude/inconsiderate behavior: not tolerated, no matter who the perpetrator is. Relationship/ties/history provided limited cover in the past, but no more. The benefit of the doubt is always offered. Mea culpas, given and accepted. But it’s a path everyone has to agree on and people have to be willing to meet halfway. If not, farewell, no matter who you are.

Settling for less than: No longer an option. Shrinking to fit smaller spaces never works.

The many ways the pandemic has created and will continue to create change are ongoing. Personally, that has been the greatest silver lining of an amazingly awful time. In the midst of the challenges, I was and am so completely grateful.

This is the third of three posts about change. Read number one and number two.

4 thoughts on “Time-saving Transformation

  1. This was a great read. Thank you. I’m grateful for some of the changes brought on by the pandemic, too. Some are quite similar to yours. Tolerance — more or less, depending on the circumstances (because I’m suffering no fools anymore). I like what you wrote about getting to enough. It’s true. It takes less to get there now. I appreciate you pointing that out. I’m not sure I noticed it until now.

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    • There’s going to be so much change — personal and global — brought on by the pandemic (as all trauma and struggle brings the opportunity for it, though not all embrace it). Thank you for reading and for the compliments. I appreciate that. And I appreciate you sharing your changes as well. Glad that something I wrote made you see something in your own path of change.

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  2. I’m finding myself grateful for some of the changes the pandemic and self-quarantine have dropped into my life, too. I haven’t taken so many long walks in the woods with my husband since we were dating 45 years ago! The lessons in living with uncertainty have been so valuable to me, too. Gratitude has deepened because we have food, clothing and shelter when so many don’t. I don’t think I take anything for granted any more!

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