Friday Fhoughts: Nov. 20, 2020

My breath appears before my eyes when I step outside to view the night sky. (The rhyming was not planned.) The leaves are just about gone. The chill increases on the daily. Autumn begins to give way to winter. My six months of glee is almost half over (big fan of the colder months, you know). My warmest I’m-the-Michelin-Man jacket came out of the closet twice this week. Haven’t found the gloves that match my rainbow scarf yet. They’re around here somewhere…

I hope that my gloves and I will become reacquainted soon. Speaking of acquaintances, Flow and I are BFFs again. Flow is Muse in drag so let’s just say I’ve been writing a lot and it’s the greatest time alteration there is. It’s my favorite state of being. Unfortunately, about 24 hours after, I deflate like a sad balloon. Working on making that suck less. I might need a new hobby, or just to participate in creative things that aren’t writing as often as humanly possible so the time between states of flow is as close to nil as possible.

Speaking of possible, change is so. I believed this before but enjoy reminders. I started reading a book the other night and put it down after 4 pages. Usually, I read at least a full chapter. That was before. This author’s pages-long descriptions earned eyerolls but would have been tolerable. She lost me by not using quotation marks around dialogue. No italics. Nothing marking it as different than regular paragraphs. My dialogue for her: QUOTE “This is a pandemic, ma’am. Nerves are frayed. We’re all exhausted. This is not a time to make reading complicated. As many shortcuts as you can provide are required. I know you can’t now insert quotation marks where they go, and I’m venting about an insignificant thing. I’ll have you know this is very 2020.” END QUOTE

I think this bodes well for my inability to tolerate annoying people too long in the future. Walk away after they show you who they are (about four pages worth). I used to wait til the end of the book, then half, then a few chapters, now just a few pages.

Everything is psychology (in my brain).

Speaking of psychology, I’m watching a documentary (Murder on Middle Beach) and a thriller (The Undoing) and of course the news and I just keep thinking how everything comes back to how people are raised and what they experience and how their brain reacts to all that, nature and nurture. I enjoy entertainment psychology immensely, but I’m so exhausted by IRL people’s psychology.

Psychological-ish side note: I bought some pins from Corporeal Writing. One says, “I’m not the story you made of me.” I love that.

We’re all meant to write our own story. And you can bet your last dollar that my story will have fucking quotation marks around the dialogue.

It’s Friday. Those are my fhoughts. To the weekend!

P.S. Before you go… Sharing is caring! Music time!

Picture it: I’m sitting at my desk about to enjoy a cup of delicious strawberry Greek yogurt. I watch YouTube whilst I do this. I see a new video by Jared Halley (I adore). Click Play, look down, start swirling my yogurt. The tune begins. I look up and see this. This youngster brings the joy often with his a capella medleys, but the costumes… I’m still smiling.

My favorites are the dancing Jareds. JOY!

7 thoughts on “Friday Fhoughts: Nov. 20, 2020

  1. Thank you for the Jareds. That was fun. 🙂
    I think authors are going to need to up their game. I’ve become the same way. I used to have a “50 page rule” (if I wasn’t into it by page 50, forget it). I don’t last that long anymore. I know some books are slow to get started, but poor editing or doing things that make it difficult to read are not worth my time.

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  2. Ditto on Robin’s 50 page rule. I still follow that idea but if confronted with no quotation marks around dialogue, I could break my own rule. Creativity is nice, but not always appreciated, especially this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You guys are nice with the 50 pages. That was me, like, 5 years ago. COVID’s got me all, “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT.” I’ve read books without quotation marks before. Usually there’s something that tips you off, but this was actual dialogue in the middle of paragraphs. Uh, no.

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