Friday Fhoughts: Nov. 13, 2020

A third of a year has gone by since I last typed on these “pages.” Apparently, that was ample time for y’all to bitch to WordPress enough to get the classic editor embedded in a block or some nonsense. I’m typing in a “classic” “block” and it’s like old times.

Since July, I’ve been hibernating, as one does, due to the pandemic and also, hello, natural state of being. Having a potentially fatal illness diagnosed on all humanity has been a swell time for reevaluating (silver lining, you know). Much time has been spent on goals, writing, reclaiming, and chillaxing. This hermit crab spent mucho hours in her shell and it’s been a gift.

Poking my head out again, finally. HI! How are you?

EUPHORIA! Or how I describe crying uncontrollably in a parking lot last Saturday after the presidential election was called for the person other than the relentless narcissistic bullying misogynist (who for four years triggered anyone who ever dealt with that kind of abuse) who spent his time destroying norms, inciting violence, ignoring actual laws, mismanaging a pandemic that continues to kill thousands needlessly, et al. Way more than half of our grateful nation’s eligible voters breathed the biggest sigh of relief then had to re-hold our breath whilst waiting for the man-child to pack up his shit and leave. January seems so far away! We’ll breathe a few more sighs of relief then turn our attention to his even more calculated soulless enablers who allowed the nonsense to continue, democracy be damned. Grandmom always said, “Show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are.” That’s why this time is different. Not policy disputes. Not different ideas on governing. Core ideals and values — humanity, the rule of law, equality for all people. You’re either for those or against those.

Dr. Fauci won’t tell you, but eliminating the things and people that shouldn’t be tolerated is also a side effect of COVID, even if you don’t actually catch it. Other side effects include: loss of all pretenses and the joy of living IDGAF out loud. It’s GLORIOUS.

Aside from that…

Dr. Fauci doesn’t know, but I think I should tell you that I’ve switched to blocks and actually am having fun adding them! 

I won a medal! For walking. Actually, I earned it, through Over a few months, I walked 56.7 miles in the Sloth Life challenge. And I just earned a Turkey Trot medal for a 5k, too. The only bad part? I celebrate my “wins” with ice cream so any losses are gains, ya know? Eh. Life is short. Eat the ice cream (just don’t say that everyday… talking to myself here).

I spend too much time looking at screens and that continues with my watching the limited HBO series The Undoing, which is the zillionth series/film in Nicole Kidman’s Tom Cruise Revenge Tour, ongoing since 2001 (so many flicks about asshole husbands!). This Is Us is back for season 5 and I’m watching that, though I’m tiring of the head writer’s all-roads-intersect-in-magical-ways schtick, but there’s only this season and next so I’ll hang on.

Hang on is the best thing one can do during uncertain times, yes? There’s planning, but not firm plans because they could change in a heartbeat. There’s waiting, but who knows how long so there’s enjoyment in the moments. Seeking solace. Creating the peace yourself. There’s wondering what could be, but only for a few moments here and there. There’s so much of just right now, and that gets easier the more you do it (luckily, we’re getting a lot of practice). 

It’s Friday. Those are my fhoughts. To the weekend!


P.S. Before you go… Sharing is caring! Music time!

I stumbled across this beauty the other day on The YouTube. Amazing Grace is a favorite of mine; I didn’t know My Chains Are Gone (it’s not my dogma). It’s a meditative few minutes, though, so sit back, close your eyes, and let the beauty of this song take you away…

11 thoughts on “Friday Fhoughts: Nov. 13, 2020

  1. I love Pentatonix. I love Amazing Grace. Perfection.

    I need to know more about this Sloth Life challenge. What is it? Sounds like my kind of thing.

    As for election returns, I am happy. Who knew breathing deeply again could be so lovely.

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  2. The song gave me chills. Cried on Saturday too. Will probably keep crying periodically in frustration and joy until January 20. Never been affected by an election like that before. Congrats on your Sloth award. I’ve found Keto ice cream kind of yummy :). Welcome back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agree about the song and chills. I hear ya — January 20 seems like forever. I was never affected like this before either. We’re not alone. Ooh. I’ve not tried Keto ice cream. I shall look into this! Thanks!!!

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