Tar-ona Update Numero Nueve

Things are getting better, in that I’m back to my usual stuff and nonsense, just now I wear a mask to visit the Starbucks drive-thru and to walk around the block. Let’s catch up on My Corona.


My region in my state moved from red to yellow and now to green, meaning everybody can go out, restaurants can be half full, and some other nonsense I’m not paying attention to because, as per usual, all these rules to control extrovert behavior do not apply to me. The things I like to do (theater) that have been affected by COVID-19 won’t be back until next year anyway (hopefully), so I note the changes and continue on the way I do.

Everybody’s probably hoping that this is the worst of things, but I do believe the apocalypse is coming. Why? COVID-19, then murder hornets, then locusts in India, and then I put together my new office chair completely correct the first time without losing a screw or the Allen wrench AND without hurting myself. THIS IS A FIRST and DEFINITELY a sign of the end times.


Artist rendering of the groundhog plotting to get my tomatoes. Image by skeeze from Pixabay

I bought a critter keeper outer garden house thingy for my tomato plants, which currently live in big pots in the brightest window in the house. They need to be outside, but I know I saw my neighbors’ groundhog up on his hind legs rubbing his sharp-claw paws together when he saw me and the tomatoes in the window, so I had to get something to keep him and his other animal friends out. We’ll see how that works when it arrives. Hopefully none of the critters figure out how to undo the ground stakes or to open the cage door.

OK. I didn’t want to have to admit this, but here goes…. I forgave Martha. HEAR ME OUT. See, what happened was Martha (of Martha & Marley Spoon cooking box sent to your house company) sent me an email offering $20 off a week for two weeks if I came back. At first, I resisted, after all, she disappointed me with the late delivery that time and the missing items the other time. Well, then, sneaky woman that she is, she offered me $25 off a week for two weeks! I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF! It was practically FREE (ok, really cheap!). I know, I’m disgusted with myself and will continue to be so as I use the ingredients she sends me next week to enjoy the deliciousness of her ravioli that tastes like none I’ve ever had and the homemade tomato sauce she taught me to create from scratch — with mascapone cheese…. *faints*

I think Muse has been quarantined here with me and she isn’t going out now that we can either. We’ve been writing a lot, for fun, and for several classes I’m taking. I signed up for a few more for the summer, too. Looking forward to that.

I better go lie down before the idea of that cheese washes over me again. I’ll leave you with a tune that brought actual JOY to me this past week or so. If you listen to the words, you can tell that the singer really loves the woman he’s singing to, the way I love mascapone… …. … *swoon*  This person and his version are new to me, but I enjoy him greatly. I hope you do, too. Come for the singing, stay for the dancing…

4 thoughts on “Tar-ona Update Numero Nueve

  1. Love the music video. I’m bopping around now which is a good thing. So Martha wore you down? No shame in that, just be careful. She’s a crafty woman who knows how to manipulate you to get her way!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed, Ally. Dancing Jared, in the top row of the video, makes me smile every time I watch. Yeah, yeah, Martha suckered me with a deep discount! AND the fact that she offered her awesome ravioli for the weeks I need a dinner or two. I’ll try to resist next time, but I’m already weak from the heat and humidity…

      Liked by 1 person

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