Tar-ona Update Numero Ocho

Things are picking up what with my area being in yellow (up? down? from red). I still am hibernating — it’s my natural state. Life’s sense of humor continues, unabated. Let’s catch up on My Corona.


I think it’s been a couple of weeks since my region was moved into the next phase, meaning the stay-at-home order was lifted. I’m pretending I didn’t hear the governor say that and am remaining at home as much as possible. Fun fact: I like being at home! You can’t make me go outside, Governor.

So, about the universe’s sense of humor… I was driving to the park the other day, just wanting to sun myself after I was properly watered. On the way there, the check engine light startled me from the dashboard. It’s a steady light, so it’s not ominous (yet), but way to ruin a peaceful outing. And then there’s the rigmarole required — making an appointment to have it checked, finding out of they’ll come and get it and bring it back (at-risk people in the house mean that I have an excuse for not sitting for hours at some repair shop other than “I hate sitting at the repair shop for hours”), waiting for them to get the car, waiting for them to call with what repair is needed…. I may not have ever mentioned this (I totally have) — car maintenance is my most hated adulting activity.  Yes, OK, you’re right — I’m way behind on my oil change anyway since COVID-19 interrupted my normal routine in Winter/early Spring, so the light making me take the car now is a good thing. *sigh* Fine. Luckily, I have nowhere to be so take my car. Fix Blue Tootie! Then return her to me, better than ever.

Dashboard June 14, 2020Fun fact 2: My mom’s car’s check engine light came on the day after mine. Her car is 10 years older than mine, but we get our gas at the same place. Coincidence? You make the call.

Toosday is often my adulting day so car fixing today is fine. Right now, in addition for waiting for the car pick-up man, I’m waiting for my grocery delivery, and I guess waiting for lunch. The laundry’s almost done. Checked all the emails. Read The Twitter. Made homemade iced tea. And it’s only almost 10 a.m.! (There’s a nap in my future…)

The world’s dashboard has been lighting up all year so I guess it was only a matter of time until my car’s did. I think after Toots is returned, I’ll order one of those dumb car bras and call it a Car COVID mask. Even my car is compliant! What’s your excuse, non-compliant mouth-slash-germ breather?

Fun Fact 3:  This is part of the definition of car bra at AutoAnything.com: Many car bras are fashioned from a thick, durable vinyl material that provides a solid barrier against flying bugs and rocks, preventing unwanted dings, dents and scratches. Totes the same reason I wear a bra myself…

Speaking of dings… *ding* text: The supermarket person is almost here! Gotta get my groceries out of the sun. Neither of us like the heat much.

10 thoughts on “Tar-ona Update Numero Ocho

  1. Hope it (the check engine light) turned out to be a simple nothing. A blip in the car’s computer. I’m mostly happy at home, too. We had to go out for groceries yesterday (no delivery here). It feels weird, sometimes, to go out and about. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but I’m going with it for now.

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    • Thanks. It was a small oxygen hose thingy covered by my warranty (Toots is only 4). YAY! Yes, going out is weird. The weirdest part of me is resisting the urge to keep putting my car window down and yelling, “PUT A MASK ON!” at naked-faced passerby.

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  2. Car troubles suck. I hate that maintenance stuff, too. Then to have your vehicle willfully decide to cause you trouble, that double sucks. Hope all is better now and that your food delivery was all that– and a bag of chips?

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    • Blue Tootie just needed an oxygen hose thingy for her emissions system, covered under warranty, so FREE! YAY!!!!!!!!! I had her oil changed and tires rotated, too, so all’s well in Toots’ world, thanks for asking.

      Food delivery went well, but the suckiest smallest tomatoes I’ve ever seen. Different store this upcoming week (I alternate), so hopefully better pickings! Always a bag of chips. They are REQUIRED. Do y’all get Herr’s chips there in your neck of the woods?


  3. Glad the car thing was covered! Yes, quarantine has not changed my life much.. And I’m tickled my employer has instructed us to work remotely until at least after Labor Day. Mmmm.. chips.. You just reminded me I folded and bought junk food for this camping trip.

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    • Your employer rocks! Not all do. Chips. I just had more today with my egg salad sandwich. Delish. No folding! Junk food is required for trips! No calories in vacations.


  4. I LOL about the bra! LOL OH LOL!
    Blue Tootie and your mom’s car? Wow! Yeah, I wonder about the fuel source, I do. I also enjoyed the world’s dashboard bit. Well written saga on Ocho.

    Liked by 1 person

    • *bows* Thank you, Joey. Turns out it wasn’t the fuel source (as revealed in Update Numero Nueve, which came out a couple days after this one. Check it out if you haven’t already! I’m happy you enjoyed numero ocho here. The world’s dashboard blinking RED now, but only over the U.S. *sigh*


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