Tar-ona Update Numero Siete

I would have posted this Tuesday, but it took me this long to kinda sorta get used to this Gutenberg nonsense. I stopped playing with blocks when I was 2. Anyhoo, let’s talk about My Corona. *In case you’re wondering, I attempted to use the Gutenberg, got tired of trying to figure out how to make paragraphs with space between them and switched back to the classic editor. I’ll learn it for real when they force me to. Anyhoo… smilie-4881520_640My over/under on whether or not I know what day it is has improved. You would more frequently lose the bet that I don’t know what day it is. My state is now in a non-lockdown yellow phase, where it is strongly recommended you still don’t congregate in any real way, you wear a mask outside (near people) and (always) inside stores, and telework as much as possible. I treated myself to some ice cream at a drive-thru window a couple days after the lockdown was lifted. I wore a mask; the ice cream kid wore a mask. The jerk in front of me made a face, hence he wasn’t wearing a mask. I felt bad for the kid, because some young worker shouldn’t have to police an idiot adult for not following the business’s (let alone the state’s) rules on mask-wearing. Normally, idiocy just makes me roll my eyes, but when in this case, the jerk won’t be the one to get sick — someone else who can’t afford to will, because of his selfishness. That really makes me angry. Martha and I broke up. (Since it’s been so long since I posted, I’ll remind you that Martha Stewart has one of those food in a box delivered to you so you can cook a real dinner services.) The best option weekly started becoming pasta and only pasta, and while I like pasta, I don’t like paying $40-$50 for pasta. I know how to make pasta and now, thanks to Martha In Previous Weeks, I know how to make my own sauce so… Martha, I think we need to spend some time apart. She’s already offered me half price off two weeks if I come back. It’s tempting… but no. I read three books in two days. I’ve taken many a writing seminar online in the past two weeks. AND! I finished binge-watching Star Trek: Picard. That turned into a library book-like situation: I take out the books, they sit and gather dust, I read one or two (of ten), then renew what I can/return what has holds. I had a free trial month of CBS All Access, didn’t watch it, tried to cancel, they asked why, I said it cost too much, they gave me another free month, I put it off. Three days prior to its expiration, I watched four episodes (having previously watched episode 1 for free on The YouTube). I thought I’d leisurely watch the last five of the following two days. I don’t remember what took my attention, but I didn’t and I decided to let it renew and pay the monthly fee to watch the remaining episodes. Then! On the final night of my free trial, my inner cheapskate chimed in: “OHNOYOUDINT!” The binge started at 7:15 p.m. After skipping 15 minutes in the last two episodes, the final frame faded to black at 11:55 p.m., leaving five minutes to spare until my free trial subscription expired. Phew! Did I like it? I’ll give it 3 starts out of 4. Thoughts are marinading. I shall possibly have more to say about this later. Corona Life is different and yet the same. Time flies and yet I have the same 24 hours per day I’ve always had. I didn’t wear masks and now I do and think nothing of it. I have so much to say about this time, but those thoughts are also marinating. The only thought that’s crystal clear about all this: a global pandemic clarified things that were a bit hazy, pushed me toward resolution where I was fence-sitting, and helped me firm out parameters and let go relationships where needed. It’s been beyond interesting in that sense. The trials of my country during the past few weeks (years, decades) has saddened me. I’ve donated to orgs and candidates in the hopes of helping to make things better (can’t be out protesting due to high-risk peeps in my circle). I’m reaching that part of life where one wonders if real change will ever occur. I’ll keep hoping, and working, and donating, and believing. May your mask always sit right and not fog your glasses. May adaptations during trying times quickly seem like they always were this way. May we get to the Star Trek ideals in my lifetime, or this century, or at least the next century rather than after several more. And may god bless our brave little hearts, because these aren’t the best of times and they’re not the worst, just like the edge of the Earth is an illusion

7 thoughts on “Tar-ona Update Numero Siete

  1. I’ve never tried any of the food delivery services like the one you did with Martha. Interesting business plan that company has going on: teach your customers that they don’t need you.

    I like how you squeaked out every last minute of your free CBS streaming service. Well done. I’d like to see Picard, but will wait until I can watch it for free– or on one of the streamings services we have already.

    I do enjoy seeing your posts when the muse moves you to share your life here.

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    • Martha keeps asking me to come back and offering me half price for two weeks. No can do, Marty. Too many incidents of missing items, etc.

      I am usually not a last-minute squeaker, but in this case, I found it warranted. 🙂 I don’t have any streaming services right now. I’m waiting for the one that features all the things from all the streaming services. Or if I can just pay a reasonable price to “rent” the shows I actually want to watch.

      Aw, thanks. That’s nice to hear. I’ll tell Muse that you’d like to hear from her more.

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  2. Not a single soul who has tried the Gutenberg has liked it. Some stuck with it (and I frankly am not in love with the results) and just know that the classic editor will ALWAYS be there. I’ve resisted every “simple” way to post since I started and I am not even gonna try the Gutenberg in case I can’t get out of it… I think the official “You have no choice” date is coming (not that it affects the classic…)
    Life is definitely different now, isn’t it? It’s getting hard to imagine life without it.

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    • It seems counter-intuitive, the Goots, as I’m calling Gutenberg now. Like, does every paragraph have to be a block? That’s dumb, for bloggers anyway. Might work for a business design, but I tend to talk in one block with a few spaces here and there between paragraphs, not a paragraphs in blocks! I hope I can always have classic. Or I’ll have to move elsewhere.

      Life is different and the same. I found I wanted to see a play the other day, but there are none until next year. That’s the first time I’ve missed something we can’t have.

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      • Gutenberg is definitely NOT for writers. I don’t think they would be stupid enough to remove the classic (from the admin page). They will lose many if they do.

        Yeah, jazz fest would be starting right now…😔

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  3. I must say, no thank you on the expensive pasta dishes. (Although her mac n’ cheese reheats like a dream!) Anyway, good riddance to pricey pasta.
    I also donated and signed petitions. Sassy protested and I was proud, if nervous. I am glad she has the courage of her own convictions, can’t keep her safe forever. When asked if I wanted to join, I had to decline as I am a fair weather protester and it was too hot for Joeys. *shrugs*
    The Mister got CBS and he’s binging SWAT like it’s his job. I don’t think he’s read anything in over a week. Our pandemic escapism needs must be fulfilled.

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    • See, that’s it, with the coupon, it’s CHEAP pasta dishes with homemade sauce, dammit. And in update Nueve, I revealed how she lured me back in… DAMMIT!
      Glad to hear Sassy protested and you just worried a bit as one does. It’s too hot for Taras, too, so they and Joeys will sit inside. It’s possible I would protest in the cooler temps, as I wouldn’t be subject to faint and/or heat stroke then, but that will be determined by COVID as the high-risk people I’m protecting would still need protecting. DAMMIT NUMBER TWO.
      Binging any show on any network except Fox News and, like, the history channel (too much black and white footage makes me sleepy), would be a GREAT job. Good on hub, there. I am not binging anything at this time. That might change when Cobra Kai comes out on Netflix whenever people are allowed to be next to each other to film shows again.


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