Tar-ona Update Numero Seis

The days of the week have names and I now know which is which (after two months+ on lockdown). The date? No clue. Please consult a calendar. Let’s catch up on My Carona.

smilie-4881520_640This month has settled into somewhat of a routine — I order things on the same day each week, partake in this or that online activity on its scheduled day, taking classes (two for my resume, others for fun). It’s normal but abnormal life.

I carry masks in my bag when I go out, which isn’t often. I wear them in the stores when I go, which is every three weeks maybe.Β  Several made of cotton and in various colors (for walking), some medical masks (for shopping / closed-in spaces). I have a mask wardrobe, a sentence I never knew I would say.

Muse came to visit! We’re spending a lot of quality time together now. My inner Martha Stewart and I continue to as well. Mom’s like, “You should open a restaurant!” — because I can follow a recipe! Like I want to worry about making sure people social distance and refrain from breathing on people while I serve them food. I won’t be going to a restaurant any time soon as a patron, so having my own is out of the question, but I appreciate the sentiment.

I'm smiling WM

I really was! No make-up, day number… however long we’ve been doing this.

Speaking of social distancing, I’m contemplating distancing myself from the labor market for the entire summer. I’d been planning on returning to work after I helped my family cancer patient, then COVID said, “Stay home,” so I did.

Imagine, a summer vacation! My inner 13-year-old thinks it’s a FANTASTIC idea. There are The Reasons: A lot of people are out of work and finding a job might be difficult (though maybe not — I have a weird compilation of skills from a variety of career areas); (B) I don’t want to do anything where I’d interact with the general public (some office positions in the past required receptionist-ing, too — I refuse to recept in a pandemic in a highly populated area); and (C) I’m wary of AND weary about trusting people to do the right thing, which is to stay out of my personal space (I have at-risk people in my circle). Solution? Throw up my hands and remove myself from the situation. Online work? Maybe. You know, I’d be a rockin’ contact tracer — totally organized, used to pestering people on the phone, fond of puzzles. And barring the restaurant idea, there are businesses I could start for myself…. Thoughts wandering through my brain.

When I saved my rainy day fund, I didn’t know it would be for a monsoon like this, but happy to have it so I can take my time. Thanks, Past Me!

I don’t miss much about not being able to roam freely, but online video chats just can’t replace good in-person conversation with good people. Even this introvert, happy to stay at home for however long (forever), misses at least the opportunity to occasionally enjoy in-person talks that go deep. What with all my newly acquired in-depth fancy cooking skills, it also would be fun to cook for a group.

When this is over, I look forward to a dinner party, around a crowded table.

18 thoughts on “Tar-ona Update Numero Seis

  1. As an introvert I understand your admission. I, too, want to sit around a crowded table with a group of friends. And laugh. Usually I’d be balking at the idea of socializing, but at this point I’m missing it a little bit.

    [Also, where do you get your masks? We have yet to buy any because we are living like hermits. However soon one of us is going to have to brave the world. Any suggestions?]

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    • Glad I’m not the only one. *sigh*

      Sure thing. I googled for my search for masks, which began weeks ago.
      Suggestions: The one in my pic is from Apolis https://store.apolisglobal.com/ They have plain black ones, which I also bought, or they have sayings/you can add a saying. When you purchase, they also donate items to help moms/babies in need. Awwwwwww.

      I also ordered from etee (everything touches everything else) https://www.shopetee.com/collections/all-collections There, for every two you buy, they donate two — I bought four. Again… awwwwwww.

      After I ordered those, a few days later I found out that VistaPrint is selling masks with filters https://www.vistaprint.com, click COVID-19 Products in the top menu. And finally I found medical-like masks here https://breathepuremask.com/ The parent company sells other products I’ve purchased (As Seen On TV) so that felt more legitimate than some of these no-name companies on Amazon, etc., with ridiculous price-gouging prices. These are reasonable.

      The etee and Apolis masks are cotton. They don’t come with filters, but they do have a slot for you to put a coffee or other filter in, if you wish. They’re machine wash/gentle/cold, line/air dry. I haven’t gotten the VistaPrint (also cotton/washable) or the medical-like (disposable) ones yet — they ship early June.

      Hope this helps and you get a nice mask wardrobe as well!

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  2. I think that’s what I miss most — cooking for family and friends. Otherwise, I’d happily stay home. Isn’t it awful that people can’t be trusted to do the right thing? I went out to pick up veggies from a farmers market that I’d ordered online, thinking they’d just shove the box in the back of the car. Nope. I had to go talk with someone who kept getting far too close to me. Then he called over two other people, who were not physically distancing, and GAH! I don’t like people all up in my personal space even when there isn’t a pandemic. I nearly ran out of there. Except I’d already paid (online) for the veggies.

    I like your mask. Enjoy your time away from the work force. πŸ™‚

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    • We’ll have dinners again… *sigh> As for the ordering online, here’s something I do — I put in the notes that I need contactless delivery and they are to bring it to the car (due to at-risk person’s immune issues). Not one place I’ve done that for has refused to put things directly in my trunk. A phone call may work as well. Yes, I like a 6-foot radius in the pre-pandemic times, too. Now, a football field feels about right.

      Thanks! I am working on the enjoyment of my away-from-work time. Enjoy the veggies! I’ll look for Insta photos of your culinary creations.


  3. I have to admit, I like the being home business. I do have to go to work during the week and work from home. I really love those days. I think my cooking skills improved as well. I like the non stress of work, the peace, the time I have , not rushing around. Once back to more normal , I will choose what to continue. The slower pace suits me well. Love your mask!

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    • I could stay home forever. True story! Happy to hear your cooking is improving, too. It’s fun and I find it relaxing. Good for you for choosing what to resume when the stay at home time ends. I, too, have found clarity, on many fronts, thanks to this time. Thanks re: my mask. If I ever lose my sense of humor….

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  4. I’m glad you have your rainy day fund!
    My day-to-day is much unchanged. My mental health and emotional regulation is wholly changed.
    I am ready to see people. My son, especially, but like, I miss some other folks now

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  5. I think a lot of people might contemplate changing their work/jobs completely after all this subsides.
    Yes to that dinner with family and friends. And hugging! That’s what I miss the most! Take care 😊

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