Tar-ona Update Numero Quatro

Unlike many, I don’t need a haircut. My bob has finally grown to my shoulders and all is well in my hair world. Silver linings, you know. Let’s catch up on My Carona.

smilie-4881520_640In addition to the pandemic stay-at-home order being four weeks old, I am now a year older as I celebrated my birthday this past weekend! Whilst celebrating during a pandemic when one can’t see other people may be a hardship to many, to this introvert who prefers spending time alone, it was like every other year. EXCEPT! I couldn’t visit my beloved Ocean, as the beaches, boardwalk, and the entire state Ocean waves onto the edge of zillions of times each day is closed until further notice. There are beach cameras, though, so I did spend some time spying the sand and surf through my computer screen. I also received some funny cards, including one from a neighbor in which she made a felt mask and put it on the kitty on the cover’s mouth. Most delightful, however, was a balloon bombing by my nieces! A cheerful Happy Birthday balloon tied to a shopping bag including a card and 12 teeny tiny strawberry shortcake cupcakes (from a bakery in Canada, apparently!). Super delicious and fun.

Speaking of super delicious, I noted last week that I can cook all of a sudden as long as I get a recipe and all the ingredients delivered to me. The trend continued even on my birthday — I made bean and cheddar taquitos. O.M.Me.Who.Can.Cook. Vegan refried beans with sauteed red onions and taco seasoning in a lovely flour tortilla with cheddar cheese inside and on top, topped with more cheese and cilantro and more onions. *faints* It was so good, I woke up the next morning and my first thoughts were, “Good morning, world. Gotta get me another one of those bean tortilla things for breakfast pronto!” And I did. And it was good.

There are personal negatives to this situation we all find ourselves in, but with being lucky enough to be lucky, safe and at home, I’m choosing to focus on the positive. I do what I can to be prepared and stay healthy, and I remember that this will end eventually. In the mean time, I focus on the good that I can and make sure I don’t add to the problem. It’s the least I can do, literally.

There are teeny strawberry shortcake cupcakes left, but I’m not sharing, unfortunately (feel free to pilfer the pantry, though). One teeny taste a day is more than a week of cake-y/birthday-y-celebration-y goodness. It’s the little things (again, literally).

~   ~   ~

As an introvert who likes my personal space, one of the positives of the restrictions is staying six feet away (at least) from other people. I’m glad we’re all going to do it now. For those who don’t get/ignore the memo, does anybody know how to put this on a loop on a tablet draped on my back?

  • How many days will the snowman pajama pants be worn? I’m actually wearing pants-pants most days. I anticipated I’d PJ it more, but… not so much. Who knew?
  • How many books will be read? So far: 2! Two books read! Ah! Ah! Ah!
  • How many bottles of water can I drink each day? Still averaging 6 (8 oz each).
  • How many times have I craved McDonald’s French fries? A few, but I now have an air fryer, potatoes, and a cooking skill I didn’t know I had before so… I’ll be OK without them.

21 thoughts on “Tar-ona Update Numero Quatro

  1. Happy Birthday! I’m sorry you didn’t get to go to the beach but now is not the time. Your Mexican dinner extravaganza is making me drool. I’d eat it for every meal, too. My hair is a curly frizzy mess of weird lengths and layers right now. I don’t care and my husband doesn’t care, so we’re living positively by overlooking the trivial.

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    • Thank you, Ally! No, it’s not, and merely for the fact I’d probably get arrested if I tried to visit Ocean! Don’t want that, although my mug shot would be lovely. My hair is really hitting it’s stride right now.

      I’m sorry for the drool. I have to order more beans and get some tortillas to make that again. I miss it!

      Glad you guys are getting by, frizzy hair and all.

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  2. Belated happy birthday. My mum’s birthday was April 7th. Luckily we were able to send cards, although no presents. She’s planning a celebration when we can all be together again. Hope you get to see the ocean again (in person) very soon.

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    • Thanks, Tara! Happy Birthday, Tara’s Mum! We’ll have all kinds of celebrations again, hopefully sooner rather than later. Me, too… Ocean! I miss you, Ocean!


  3. Happy belated Birthday, I can imagine you missed the ocean. However you are doing well. I actually really like this being at home, not socializing. My son said welcome to my world, he is more like you.- I do love it and I thought I am a very social person. I do love the peace and silence very much. Yes and I am with the water like you still too and I am on my third book too. Let’s keep it up and be safe.

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    • Thanks, Ute! I’m glad you’re enjoying the quiet and peacefulness, but hope you get to be more social sooner rather than later. Yes, more reading and all good things we enjoy. More silver linings for us both!

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  4. I am so sad because I just read Dan’s post about how things were in the wrong Gmail tab and so I went and looked and found you in PROMOTIONS! Why? Why would you be in there? Yes, you’re special, but you should still be with every other real person! Gah!
    I am so pleased that you have discovered you can cook! A whole new world, now, huh?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hate when that happens! I’m so non-promotional! Google… GRRRRR!

      I always knew I could cook, but I didn’t know I could cook fancy! Yeah, this new world suits me just fine (except for the reason why we’re doing this, which makes me sad for the sick and dying people……).


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