Tar-ona Update Numero Tres

Honest to blog, I thought this was week four of the updates. It’s SatThurSun today, right? Let’s catch up on My Carona.

smilie-4881520_640I gave up on online toilet paper shopping and put out an S.O.S. to nearby family re: The Toilet Paper Situation. I have some, but not enough, and so backup was required. Two responded — one with the super soft stuff (ew, but beggars can’t be choosers) and another with the super thin (read: preferred) type. They left their offerings at the front door then spent a few minutes conversing with the immunocompromised person sitting in the second-floor window like Gonzo in the opening theme of The Muppet Show. One brought cinnamon buns — bonus!

Speaking of food, I am now practicing my Martha Stewart impersonation almost every week as meals to prepare arrive from Martha & Marley Spoon. Who knew I knew how to cook fancy pants food and just needed a clear recipe, the right tools, and most of the ingredients delivered to me? *shrugs* One of these times, I’ll remember to take a picture of one of my creations. It’s Mexican Week with bean and cheese taquitos and carne asada tacos! If my latest food-in-cans-and-boxes delivery arrives on time, there will also be cake on Saturday, the mostest special day of my year! Looking forward to that.

I need to get outside to walk, but early hasn’t been an option and by the time late rolls around I’m all, “I’ll just walk around the second floor since pants are optional here.” An outside, i.e., more lengthy, walk is necessary, though, as the only exercise I’ve been getting, other than cooking, laundry, hauling water bottles in, etc., is shaking my head at President Orange and the people that can’t see through things… more at the people who can’t see through things (I’ve stopped watching the daily “briefing” (rally/crazytown bullshit fest… *composes myself*).


I’m doing well, and I’m lucky to be doing well, but I’ll tell ya, even I, Queen of Sunshine, is feeling it today. Slog. Long. You know, what something sucky always feels like in the middle. Mental note: the end will arrive. Have a cookie. Today’s an excellent day for a cookie.

The humidifier’s on and wafting the scent of lavender into the air. Tea with the cookie, the super soft jammie pants, a good book, or, ooh! Binge Star Trek: Picard. You know, Patrick Stewart is reading a sonnet a day on The Twitter. *swoon* But I’ll leave you with poetry of a different kind: Snack Chat with Cookie Monster. It includes a recipe! I guess we’re all learning to cook even more!

  • How many days will the snowman pajama pants be worn? What’s a day?
  • How many books will be read? So far: Still 0, but magazine articles = a zillion.
  • How many bottles of water can I drink each day? Still averaging 6 (8 oz each).
  • How many times I pray that people who can’t seem to close doors and drawers quietly will suddenly learn? INFINITY #firstworldproblems

4 thoughts on “Tar-ona Update Numero Tres

  1. Slog is a good word for it. I feel like I’ve been home forever. My book total is 0 as well. That keeps surprising me. I have all this time and I could be reading All The Books. Or learning something new. Or whatever it is they keep saying we should be using the time for. It should be noted that my guilt about not being productive is also 0. Balance is good.

    Glad to hear you were able to source some of the elusive TP. I was just reading an article about why there are shortages (a combination of hoarding and the fact that people are not going to school and work where there is a ready supply of industrial style, giant rolls, of TP — soon coming to a store near you, by the way).

    Stay safe and well.

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    • Balance is good. Glad to hear you’re not beating yourself up for not reading yet.
      Since I wrote this post, though, I read one book! I have three more I started today and hopefully will finish one (at least). Finally! I just needed a month to prepare! 🙂

      Good to hear about the TP.

      Will do. You, too.

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  2. Yes, I get the idea of a slog. I’m forcing myself out the door every afternoon for a short constitutional around ye olde ‘hood, but after that I allow myself to just. be. me. I agree with you about not watching any press briefings because they aren’t worth it. And I agree that days are more of a concept now rather than clearly defined on a calendar.

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    • I will call my walk area Ye Olde ‘Hood from now on and that shall help me out the door. Thanks for that. The earth spins… light… dark… then light again. That’s all I know. 🙂

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