Tar-ona Update Numero Dos

After watching Canada’s Prime Minister’s updates in French (and English), I wish now I’d used that lovely language in my titles instead of Spanish. Let’s catch up on My Carona.

smilie-4881520_640As I predicted, but couldn’t bet anybody because nobody’s around, we’re in for another month (at least) of our current Introverts Were Right All Along COVID-19 Mitigation Technique, i.e., stay-at-home. This weekend then, I went to the store to get meds for people who need them, a bit more food, and searched hopelessly for toilet paper. Today, after a good night’s sleep knowing my prep was done/I’ve done all I can, I found this glorious news story: Proctor & Gamble factory in PA making toilet paper in overdrive. It’s about time, people. I’ll try to hold it in until y’all are ready.

I’ve stopped watching President Orange’s daily rewrite-history-and-bark-at-reporter fests. Sanity increases exponentially when one does that, I can report. I can also report that this stay-at-home stuff is not only easier for introverts, but also pragmatic types who don’t keep saying, “I can’t believe this is happening.” This is happening. For a while now. Let’s get to acceptance already, feet-draggers.

I believe Muse is self-isolating here with me. Aw, that’s nice. As I’ve read on The Internets, apparently Shakespeare wrote all kinds of fabulous things whilst quarantined during the plague. Maybe I’ll write King Lear II: Electric Boogaloo.

Except for the showing of the face during video things, because I have a crappy 10-year-old PC that makes me look blurry and not a brand new i-Anything that makes people look like Academy Award-winning filmmakers, I’m enjoying the seemingly endless LIVE online content. I’ve seen a concert by Indigo Girls and metaphysical group meetings, and so much more. One of my favorites, which I’m guessing will continue now that we’re doing this long-term, is Choir! Choir! Choir! from Canada! Canada! Canada!, who performs a live sing-along about once a week. Last week’s was an epic two+ hours. This week, about an hour. If you reach the end of Netflix and want something fun and silly and singing to watch, check this out:

  • How many days will the snowman pajama pants be worn? So far: 5 (up from 2)
  • How many books will be read? So far: Still 0, but that changes, STARTING TODAY
  • How many bottles of water can I drink each day? Still averaging 6 (8 oz each). I’d drink more but see: limited amount of toilet paper.
  • How many times will I have to tell extroverts that there are a million things to do when stuck at home besides complaining that you can’t do what you want? INFINITY

7 thoughts on “Tar-ona Update Numero Dos

  1. I no longer watch any TV news. I read news and that is fine. Sanity rocks.

    I’ve lined up all the books I plan on reading during this time at home, but my brain isn’t focusing right now, so there they sit. I feel like I should be reading, but I can’t quite get myself to do so right now. I forgive me, though. I’m kind like that.

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    • I read and read, then watched some as this amplified (I think expecting something other than business as usual), then stopped that (when it became clear it wouldn’t be any different than during normal times, i.e, crazy). I read the headlines every day in a local and a national paper, but I’ve slowed my pace immensely. My books are calling to me now. I think April will be good reading time, since the plan is clear now for 30 days (at least). Your books will be there when you’re ready. Good for you for letting you off the hook. That’s a good idea for us all, finding a new way to be right now and all.

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