Friday Fhoughts: Folume Fifteen

Is this thing on?

*taps microphone then wipes it and my hands profusely with hand santizier*

Friday Fhoughts - BlackI wrote my last Friday Fhoughts in late November, and only three or four posts since then, the last being in January. When signing in, and seeing a new dashboard (!), I wondered if I’d remember how to do this. The time seemed right to return, what with being at home so much due to The Situation. I figured I’d visit the ol’ blog and see if I can still type and post and visit with y’all.

Hi! *waving from at least six feet away* How are you? I didn’t mean to be away for months. Life happened. Endings settled before beginnings could begin, then beginnings seemingly are curtailed and/or put on hold for who knows how long as we deal with The Situation. Regularly scheduled programming is interrupted for the time-being (no choir! *faints*). As an introvert, however, I’ve been practicing for social distancing and self-isolation MY ENTIRE LIFE, so I’m good.

In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am doing the following:

–Becoming an expert at holding my breath when grocery shopping (people are just beginning to leave more distance between us). P.S. Thank the workers in the aisles if you see them. I thanked the water stock guy last week and he nearly fell over (sure, from exhaustion, but also, I think, kindness).

–Thanking the reporters from the various outlets whose work I’ve been voraciously reading and especially for their work that let me know something was a-comin’ about a month ago. P.S. I stopped watching local TV news a while ago, a good decision confirmed by seeing seeing on a screen I passed no “reporters” asking state health officials about tests but talking to many people trying to find toilet paper.

–Wondering why people are hoarding toilet paper. P.S. I acknowledge that I am a hoarder, but only of library books. Three weeks ago, again thanks to the newspapers giving me warning, I took out, like, 14 books.

–Wondering why more people think social distancing means all going to the park at the exact same moment because the sun is shining. P.S. When they or someone they love, especially one that’s old and/or immunocompromised, gets sick (or worse), they’ll be the loudest complainers. P.S. I visit the sun every couple of days — driving through a park or near the river and back. If you need a place to walk, may I recommend the cemetery? Nobody’s there!

–Hoping that societal/worldly priorities change and life alters for the better, in the way that only happens after great shake-ups like The Situation. P.S. I love that I’m still an optimist, even though I’m increasingly pragmatic as I get older (and I was born, like, 90, so I’ve always been that way anyway).

–Making it a point to sing and laugh every day. P.S. If you like a particular song or know a good comedy bit on The YouTube, drop it in the comments below.

It’s good that I blogged today, if only for the fact that I know now definitively what day it is. It’s been difficult to keep track the past few weeks. Looking forward to not only knowing the day because life is back to normal-ish, but to the stand down from red alert, hopefully sooner rather than later.

May the toilet paper shelves near you be full soon. May the hand sanitizer and soap never run out. May you be inspired by the stories of kindness of strangers and neighbors and friends alike. And may we all see those we wish to see in public again soon without the six-foot barrier of space in between.

*prayer hands*



P.S. Anxiety hasn’t visited me much during The Situation. I’ve done all I can do to get ready and to mitigate. But if you should find yourself feeling a wee bit unsettled, try “the world’s most relaxing song.” There’s a shorter version, but this may call for the 10-hour one, yes?

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  1. *smiles and waves from a safe distance* 🙂
    Glad to hear you’re hanging in. My impression is that it’s going to be a long tough haul. Staying positive and counting our blessings is going to be key to getting through this. Well that and following the advice of our health care professionals of course 😉

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    1. Hope you’re doing well up there, Norm. Tis going to be long and difficult for some people to stay home/away from others. I’ve never been more grateful I’m an introvert as this will be easier for me. 🙂 Yes, staying positive and that’s a bit easier with all the people stepping up with events, etc — like the Indigo Girls did a live set last night on Instagram/Facebook for an hour and a half. There’s an online poetry reading. Sounds True just sent meditation and other resources to people on their mailing list. If only we could be reaching out and good like this all the time, eh?

      Stay safe, my favorite Canadian man that isn’t famous (that’s Colin Mochrie, of course).



    1. This is definitely different and weird.

      I actually feel less crazy than usual. The world will go at a pace that works for me, for goodness knows how long. Like I said, I hope this leads to major changes in how lives are lived. I think this will shake a lot of people up to prioritize things differently.

      Hope y’all are safe! Be well!

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  2. Being an introvert myself, I too can appreciate the time at home, however I’m in self-isolation with my husband and son who are very much extroverts so they are bouncing off the walls a bit. We are all very fortunate that we can all still earn our living while being here and that my daughter is able to finish her senior year in college via online courses. If you need a laugh, I recommend looking up any video by Brian Regan. He does one about mailing packages that is, in my opinion, hilarious! Be well!

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    1. Hi, Nancy! Glad you’re doing well and hope the extroverts fare well as we go through this! I know it’s challenging for them not to be around people more often. Yay for being able to work from home and finish senior year of college! I will check out those videos. Haven’t heard of this guy! Thanks for the suggestion!



  3. Hey look at you blogging like a big girl! I am thrilled to see you back here. I’m with you in that I refuse to let The Situation take me down any Paths of Despair. I like your idea of thanking the employees in the grocery stores and I’m with you about wondering why everyone goes to the park as if on a schedule. I’ll listen to the music. Thanks for that.

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    1. I’m a big girl now! Thanks, Ally Bean. Happy to be here. I stopped watching press conferences and such, as they made me really angry, and now just read the papers (you know, online) to keep up. I feel bad for the grocery people. Customers are either extremely kind or acting out their fear and being really crappy (my unofficial scientific experiment has shown). Our one park actually put police tape around the swings and the jungle gym thing so people can’t use it, ergo last night at the park — me and about 6 other walkers, one biker, two tennis players (no partridge in a pear tree, though). Enjoy the tunes. I sang all day Friday. Twas amazeballs.

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  4. Glad your well.. I had to laugh at your statement – as a card-carrying introvert, I too have been training for this all my life. Social distancing has been the norm pretty much this whole time! LOL

    Here is my current favorite YouTube vid:

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    1. We could rule the world, you and I and others like us, Kathleen! We just don’t like being out and among groups so much so… *shrugs shoulders*

      OMG. THAT IS HILARIOUS! Tis my cardio for today. Thanks for that.

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