Friday Fhoughts: Folume Fourteen

Friday Fhoughts - BlackI was waiting for a gavel to officially start this post. I’ve been history nerd viewing most of the week and had gotten used to my day starting with a gavel telling all who could hear that we would now come to order.  Maybe I’ll get one and just start my days like that from now on.

Of course, I was watching history in my pajamas most of the time. I’m sure that would be frowned upon in person, so if I gavel-ed in my day, would I have to change my clothes first?

This is becoming more complicated than I had hoped. Perhaps I’ll leave the gavel in the hand of professionals.

(professional whats?? hahahaha)

My testimony begins with me consulting my calendar to confirm that in fact I have not done a single thing of import during the past week. That is in fact true (related to the events of the recent past). I know it’s an unusual occurrence for me to do nothing because of how fast the week went. Time flies when you’re in a new situation.

I can confirm that I did watch The Holiday Baking Championship (I love that people make things from scratch, but I can’t tell you how many times I think, “you know this particular cake mix comes in a box… just as good”). I also watched This Is Us (I CALLED REBECCA’S ILLNESS AT LEAST A SEASON AND A HALF AGO). I still have to watch The Voice for this week (the seasons of this show could be cut in half).

It’s a fact that I’m behind in my regularly scheduled viewing due to my endless viewing of The Impeachment Inquiry, truly the best show ever that involved Donald Trump. The hearings aren’t telling anything I didn’t already know about the crook and rotten human being he is. They do, however, tell me lots about committees, points of order, and proper attire (that sans suitcoat idiot from Ohio who can’t seem to find a Men’s Warehouse anywhere in Washington notwithstanding). I’m a fan of procedure and pomp and the process of it all. ‘Tis history, too. I watch as spin-free as possible — on C-SPAN. It has been, as Spock would say, “Fascinating.”

We can agree, can’t we, that it’s good to look for the good in everyone. Yes, and in fact I do so. But I really can’t tolerate people with truly no redeeming value, those who denigrate values of decency in general, those who put themselves before all others always, those who do what they want no matter the consequences to anyone or anything. It’s discouraging to see it in regular people in my non-political world. Seeing just how far the corrupt political world can actually go, though, is truly sickening. I usually don’t opine about such things, but it’s really the thing I involved myself with most of the week. (I’d sign an Affidavit to that effect as well.)

I did finally go outside… *checking notes*… on Thursday. Before doing so, I had to hot iron my hair because  if I don’t, the ends still won’t lay down or turn under and I look like Gidget. Sally Field Gidget to be precise, Mr. Chairman. It’s been a month since I cut off all my hair. Let the gentleman be recognized as he recognizes that my hair has grown back to my shoulder (just about). The sides aren’t pulled back into the barrette because they don’t quite reach yet. (As you can see, my selfie game is still super strong.)



Off the record: Since the hearings are presumably over (cowards in high places won’t testify, of course), I’ll have to find other entertainment for the next week. Books from the library! A new printer to set up and play with! Plus, a fun writing-related event, a friend visit, Thanksgiving Tacos, and a big alone weekend next week for a very important reason. The family cancer issue is on hold as pre-surgery appointments move forward, so I’m going to take every second of down time I can get my hands on.

Having revealed all that I know about the past week, this post is now adjourned. Mr. Chairman, strike the gavel.

Perhaps it’s time for a constitutional (that’s a walk, y’all).

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  1. I’ve only watched snippets of the impeachment hearings because it’s all such a ridiculous farce. An important one, I realize, but one in which the truth is getting shortchanged– and this makes me cranky. All week I’ve been constantly reminded of the old saying that Washington DC is Hollywood for ugly people. So true, so true…

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  2. I’ll wait for the Cliff notes of the proceedings. Or better yet, the end result 😉
    And not just coz I’m a Canadian but coz I gots me other things to do… like, wash my hair…

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    1. True. It was enjoyable to watch people make sensible sentences, though, no matter what happens to him. I miss intelligent sentence formation, and a vocabulary bigger than 10 words tops. 🙂



  3. I only saw parts of the hearings, highlights. I did hear that Orange Uckface address the nation, and then I had to turn it off and go back to work, as I couldn’t understand what on earth he was trying to say. I ended up texting my husband, “It’s speaking with the chiefs of staff present. Text me if we go to war.”

    I think there should be a label for hair that curls circle, circle, stick. If my hair ends on a curl, it’s up and out. And it’s a hot poker every morning to turn those suckers in. I had great hair in the 80s and probably would have in the 50s, but this is not my hair decade.

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    1. I’m watching new hearings now. Even though nothing will change (probably), it just makes me feel better to hear people making complete sentences and not sounding so stupid whilst being orange.

      I think the 30s will be your hair decade. Hang in there!

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