Friday Fhoughts: Folume Fhirteen

Friday Fhoughts - BlackI’ve been somewhat unintentionally absent from the blog, way more than I wanted since I returned from the official summer hiatus, but I have really good reasons why. It’s been very The Facts of Life in these parts what with taking the good with the bad. But that’s life, right?

Anyhoo, it’s Friday, and the only way I truly know that is because I checked the calendar as I sat down to write a blog post. I’ve lost a bit of the knowing of the day/date due to the fun month I’ve had.

If you don’t have a job, is Friday still as fun?

It can be. YES!

Wait… WHAT?

That’s right. I no longer work where my gut told me eons ago wasn’t right, and boy, Tummy, you know your stuff. I knew The Gut was right, but… timing. Now that we’re free, I had to promise The Gut I’ll never stay as long in such a disrespectful environment again. And I won’t. *pinky swear*


Can this be a real job, please? (Thanks, Pixabay, for the pic!)

In other gut news, Intuition told me that that a family member was seriously ill early in 2019. They were told, but were not impressed by my introvert skills. Their recent diagnosis is stage one cancer. I’m The Family Cancer Coordinator and my family packet of information (because you know there’s a packet of information) is entitled Journey through Thoracic Park (complete with altered Jurassic Park logo). The tumor is being described as an unwelcome dinosaur egg (not actual size / not to scale). Because I’m hashtag blessed with a sense of humor and times like these DEMAND that humor be front and center. Humor and I go way back and that’s how we deal with, well, just about everything.

One reading this might think that this is taxing. Mm hmm. Yes. In the past month, I’ve left the abode about six times as absolutely required and only yesterday began going out for no reason other than I wanted to. In between, Rest demanded I spend my time in sweatpants, wrapped in a blankie with a book, The Holiday Baking Championship, or a comedy special, and music. Always music. Thank all things holy for music.

Although I’ve been (and will continue to be) alternately weary and not, these two events are not weighing me down. I actually believe (and not in a denial or I-won’t-see-what’s-what kind of way) that everything will work out for the highest good and in the way(s) they should. Thanks again, Past Me, for decades of metaphysical study, meditation in nature, anxiety education, trying and failing and trying again, and the challenges that forged whatever needed to be to feel as I do.

In terms of dealing with the internal, when my body and mind say rest, I will. And as for the external, I will serve where and when and how I best can, with my boundaries remaining flexible, yet firm (this will be my truest test).

(And I’ll eventually figure out what job I’m really supposed to be doing when I grow up, too.)

Meanwhile, Pandora sneaked in a Christmas song, and dammit, I went with it! I officially began being occasionally merry! WHERE ARE MY JINGLE BELLS? I wanna play along.

All I want for Christmas is authenticity front and center, continued skills practice and implementation on life’s roller coaster ride, and peace, peace, peace — every damn minute of it I can get.

Ave Mariah!


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  1. I’m going to say that overall this is good news in that you’re listening to your own sane self. And that you’re getting the kind of rest that you need to be whole again. As for the family member with cancer, I am sorry to read that but believe that your newfound strength will help both of you through it. Carry on, my introverted friend– avoid the peoples with my blessing.

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    1. Thanks for the thoughtful note, Ally. Also, for the blessing to completely avoid the peoples. I was feeling pretty OK about hiding inside for a time, but now I have official permission and I thank you!

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  2. That is my absolute FAVE Christmas song. Wow, some changes going on! SO happy you’re out of a toxic environment (man, do I know what THAT is like) and I’m sorry to hear about illness in your family. You’ll be in my thoughts. ❤

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    1. It’s my favorite, too! Twinsies! I’m sorry that you know what a toxic environment is like. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Thanks, Kathleen, for the thoughts and the kind words. They are appreciated more than I can say.



  3. The Gut is pretty much always right. Maybe always always right. I’m sorry about the family member with cancer. That’s a rough road to travel. Keep taking care of you. That seems to be one of the hardest lessons to learn but it sounds like you’ve nailed it.

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    1. Welcome back to the future, Joey! *whispering* Things are going well here with the cancer and all…. shhhhhhhhhh.
      I can’t help but have the upward spirits I do — THANK ALL THINGS AWESOME AND HOLY (Sorry for yelling).

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