Friday Fhoughts: Folume Twelfe

Friday Fhoughts - BlackAnother week has flown by. Another month. The year almost over. I’ve stopped asking how and why. I just hold on for the ride.

I type today through groggy eyes, counting the milliseconds until the weekend. Tonight’s glee will be finally letting the I have to be here at this time go and enjoying sleep for as long as it will have me.

Will I even get out of my pajamas on Saturday? *shakes Magic 8 ball* Not looking likely.

It’s all a blur, with the evenings of sleep like barely there punctuation. Me, laying down for 8 hours or so in between running here or there. Today, I think I’m practicing sleeping with my eyes open. The cat’s away so it’s a good day for that.

Blurry visions of remembrance include much giggling at choir rehearsal. We’re doing a silly version of The Twelve Days of Christmas. When asked to make weird the section where we sing all the gifts at the same time (we each get a gift), I, she of the fifth gift, waited until the exact millisecond he cut the others who were holding their notes for the other gifts, to squeak out RINGS! 

“Who did that?”

Proudly waving my weird self’s hand. “I did.”

“Good. Wise ass is good. Do it again,” Choir director said.

This is so not a problem.

At choir anyway.

You may recall that my filter was breaking a bit ago at The Place of Employment. Well, it’s broken beyond repair at this point. Often, when faced with something stupid said to me, I find myself providing a snarky and/or witty retort before my mind even knows that my mouth is up to. This week’s fun, as Big Cheese headed to a meeting.

“Don’t lock the door if you leave.”

Me, typing, not looking at him: “Why doesn’t the afternoon person coming in have a key and WHY CAN’T YOU CARRY YOUR KEYS?” (said as loud as that is large)

“Uh, well, uh, I don’t want them to jingle in my pocket as I’m walking to my meeting.”

Mouth had no retort for that (out loud, anyway), but that’s mostly because we’re exhausted. (P.S. Afternoon person came in early, but otherwise, I was going to lock the door.)

This, of course, continuation of The Stupid here. On the Friday before vacation…. picture it: I’m at my wits end. I’ve had enough. I can’t wait to be off for a week. Big Cheese is out for the day, UNTIL… he strolls in at 4:17, and I’m leaving at 4:30.

“I need a letter to go out before you leave,” he says as time ticks by.

Me, resisting the urge to scream (also exhausted then, but more psychologically from dealing with this for too long): “Well, you know I’m leaving at 4:30, so… CHOP CHOP.”

Chop chop! I said CHOP CHOP to my boss! Even I was shocked! And it came out of my mouth! I did, however, resist snapping my fingers in his direction along with that, so I think that’s a win.

Anyhoo… back to this week.

I caught up on This Is Us (still love this show) and The Voice. I think the latter is doing a fine job this season making it different and fun — interesting camera angles, hiding contestants faces so we, too, sometimes don’t get to see them before we hear them. My only question so far: why is Gwen Stefani dressed like King Tut?

The weekend is a glorious mirage that will become reality in 7 hours and 26 minutes, not that I’m counting. Glorious sleep will be mine just a few short hours after that. Cozy blankie! I’m coming for you! In the meantime, I’ll try not to be a zombie all day (no guarantees).


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    1. Yes, and also Certain People are exhausting, and I planned events back to back then didn’t go to bed early the night I was free after. Note to self: KNOCK THAT OFF!


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  1. Oh em gee on the CHOP CHOP! Good mercy, I have dozens of tales of similar episodes. Big Cheese might work til 11pm some nights, but if he’s in at 9am, he hasn’t slept, ya know? Meanwhile, I’m opening like clockwork and CHOP CHOP at 4:30 as I am very tired from all the work I did already.
    You know what happens when you’re reliable and dependable? People rely and depend on you! Haha! BooHoo! Oh boy. Sometimes, I think we have the same job?
    I hope you enjoyed the weekend and the sleeping. I will be giving up Saturday morning. It will be fun, but I will still miss my sleeping time.

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    1. I know, right? But saying CHOP CHOP kept me from karate chopping him so…. good all around.

      I’m more than reliable and dependable. I’m competent! And there’s this weird thing where the more competent you are, the more work you get. Uh, no, thank you. Of course, I woudn’t mind as much if all wasn’t served with a family-sized side of crazy, rude, and impatient, but I digress.

      The sleeping was good. Not enough, but a start. I will endeavor to do more this weekend.

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