Daisy Digest: September 2019

‘Tis the end of the month and that’s a good time to look back and take stock a wee bit. Welcome to Daisy Digest, a compilation of the highs and lows, the things to be grateful for, and more, from the past month.

September 2019

Daisy Digest LogoMy bloggy break began in June and I kept myself electronically disconnected for the most part. I will post more about the outcome of not being tethered to machines hardly at all in future posts (I’m still processing the effects). Generally, it was such a good thing. Also, when I left, I was feeling like I was growing out of my own skin. It all came to a head right before my vacation in September. I did some things to change that (more on that later) and I can report that is no longer the case. Once I freed myself (yes, it was that suffocating), I returned to blogging last week.

Hello again.

The intervening time featured made and cancelled plans, good and bad expectations met, me writing, singing, reading, working, and other adulting — nothing spectacular. Of course, introverting and dealing with certain things coming to a head (and me popping said heads once and for all) are more intensive than a calendar may reveal day by day. In a nutshell: I am feeling better than I have been in quite some time, about several things. (Yeah, you know, more to come later.) Thanks, September! The “new year” always helps spur me on (I’m on academic time forever).

Blooms and wilts (highlights and challenges)

  • Bloom: I attempted guitar lessons, but decided against continuing since my one wrist (not the one I broke in 2017) is still recovering from a tendon issue. But I can play three chords now. Go, me!
  • Wilt: I hate car maintenance and spent several hours at the service place when the slowest tech in the history of forever put four new tires on my car. Wait, am I still there?

Bouquet of Gratitude

  • The beach and the ocean
  • Baby powder, for getting sand off my feet
  • Air conditioning
  • The wisdom of knowing that uncomfortable, growing out of your own skin feelings pass (eventually)
  • The wisdom of action after consulting intuition finally listening to intuition after months of it trying to get my attention
  • Frozen pizza and pre-made salads in little plastic bowls with tiny plastic forks, for those times when real cooking is, like, too much of a hassle
  • The earlier darkening of the days, allowing me to spend more time with Night

Daisy Delights (more in the sidebar under the same name)

  • Shout out to BH90210, a campy take on THE teen soap from the 1990s, which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would (see the trailer here)
  • Singing the song below a lot as we’re singing it in my choir, in three-part harmony (I believe this version is in four parts). A lovely, melancholy song.

Nice to be back to blogging after being on a lonesome road of sorts of my own for a while there. Here’s hoping your world is filled with peace, light, love, and laughter, and at least one someone with which to walk whatever road you’re on.

Daisy Digest is a monthly look back at the highlights and struggles, things to be grateful for, fun or interesting things I’m watching/reading/listening to, and photos I’ve taken or videos I discovered and want to share. There’s usually a lil’ tale or conversation (my side, at least) to share, too.  Posts go up on the last day of each month, September through June.



    1. I don’t believe I had ever heard it before (if I did, I forgot). So happy when the choir director said we’d be doing this tune. You’re welcome – glad you bring you a song you hadn’t heard for a while. And thanks! Happy to be back, fellow bloggy friend. 🙂

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    1. I was a HUGE 90210 fan back in the day, and wasn’t sure about this show. BUT! If you go into it with understanding that it’s like a fake reality series and not a reboot of the original, it’s actually kinda fun. 🙂 Hope you’ll give it a try!

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  1. Welcome back! I love what you said about being able to spend more time with Night.. I usually dread the darkening of days – go to work in the dark, come home in the dark. I realized I have another reason to be SO grateful to be able to telecommute – I’ll get to see and enjoy the daylight before it disappears..

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