A sequel to Packing Some Peace, of sorts. Also, my first official I’m Back From My Self-Imposed Hiatus Post. So. Much. To. Unpack.

20190907_083911 (1)


Hello again. *waving*

One doesn’t even know where to start when the absence has been more than three months. What I Did on My Summer Vacation would be long and probably incoherent as I haven’t yet unpacked everything that went on (including the luggage from the wee trips I took).

Let’s just say:

I’ve been busy.
I’ve not been busy.
I’ve made changes.
I’ve stayed stubbornly the same.
I’m waiting for answers.
I’ve answered my own questions.
I stopped waiting and threw the sh*t that hit the fan myself, successfully keeping any of it from getting on me.
I’ve lifted weights off my shoulders.
I’ve reignited hopes and dreams.

And. I’ve found energy and time whilst away from technology that led to some interesting discoveries, some uncomfortable realities, and lots of navel gazing that ended up being more interesting than that might sound.

Back to work today after being off a lot of this month.
Back to a more regular schedule.
Back to moving The To Do List of Important Me Things forward and checking things off my calendar as they occur.
Back to blogging more on the regular, on the Autumnal equinox, whilst feeling balanced my own damn self.

The season of letting go reminds me to put down what’s dead so that new things can grow sooner rather than later. Invigorated by the trees revealing their true colors, I will stretch and continue to do the same. (I’ve already been doing that, but I’m a big fan of symbolism).

Onward, y’all.


  1. Welcome back, Tara. You seem to be refreshed and ready to go … but let’s get the correct lingo … not “self-imposed hiatus” … sounds too harsh …. Blog break … you were on blog break … and yes – blog breaks are good. Keep smiling!

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    1. Thanks, Ally! Happy you noticed the new template. I think a lot of people use the reader, and it doesn’t show there. But I know you’re using a feed so yay for that!

      I’m enjoying the new attitude, perspective, as well. I’m happy to see that it’s translating into joie de vivre! WOOT!

      There will be much more to say. I’m happy you’re looking forward to it and happy to share it with you!

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