Packing some peace

Did you know that the best laid plans go wherever socks disappear to? Although I read on the Internets lately that socks mostly get lost somewhere in the washer’s inside doohickeys and often end up out the water pipe, hence they should always be in a zipped sock bag. So let’s go with the best laid plans end up wherever all my pens and ponytail holders do, some nether region I couldn’t find on a map if I tried, a magical place propelled by a similarly magical force of pilfering, i.e., stealing said items never to be seen again.


I’m glad you asked.

I didn’t really have a best laid plan, or even a mediocre-ly laid one, about my return to blogging. September-ish was the idea originally. And I have dipped a toe — a post the other day, commenting a couple times a week on a few blogs I frequent, two or three Instagram posts since the hiatus began. No heavy lifting, i.e., bloggy typing and creating, though.

That will continue for the time being, I’m afraid.

feedback-3683068_640I have been writing, every day (more on that in a future post!). But the rest of the swirl around me is all chaos, all the time, and my stores of anti-chaos fighters are more than depleted, so depleted that I can’t think of a word to say that way better than that. Like, angry crying every day in a situation in which frustration should not come out of one’s eyeballs so frequently (read: at all). Working on that. And other things.

In the meantime, my blessed September vacation approaches. What’s the word for being the most ready of all the times you’ve ever been ready for anything ever? I’m that, times infinity.

I anticipate seeing you on the flip side. That’ll be somewhere around September 23 — thanks, Past Me, for the mostly 2 week break! There are 3 pesky work days in the middle because I was being nice when I planned my time off. I’d like to go back and slap Past Me for that.

Anyhoo, I shall find the strength to pack and be on my way. Sweet Baby Jebus, tomorrow at 5 p.m. cannot get here fast enough.

Miss me! Think of me! Pass the tissues! And do try to keep me from punching the people I really want to, often. (or punch them with me?)


(The above said totally un-ironically).

20190412_070031 (1)



  1. Hi Tara – I had no idea the socks end up in the pipe and whatnot – makes sense tho – and carol Burnett once did a skit about lost sock heaven – where they all go – so funny.
    anyhow, hope you have a smooth rest of the month and the blog will be here when your flow returns

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