Woke Up Singing: A Polite Declination

My exploration of deciding whether or not to escape a situation that I can no longer take, don’t want to be a part of, can really do nothing for — a swirl of drama all around me — inspired my subconscious jukebox and explains I Woke Up Singing today.

woke up singing bird wmI wake up singing a song just about every morning. DJ T-Sub (that’s for subconscious) always has an appropriate record to drop for what’s going in life, in my head, in my world.

This morning, a song emerged that I have not listened to perhaps during this entire new millennium. Imagine my surprise at its selection! It’s a good choice and a great song. It is also though an answer to myself about how to handle a situation I find swirling around me, that threatens to have me swirling around the drain with it if I’m not careful. It’s been ongoing. It’s not affecting me personally per se other than it’s affecting people around me and ergo then affects me. After analysis of where I am in regard to said situation, and what I could possibly to to help said situation, and at what cost that help might be rendered, and …. I’m exhausted again simply relaying all the thinking that went into this.

All that matters, though, is that brain and all the inner workings of me have reached a consensus, signaled by the song choice of DJ T-Sub this morning.

I am adjacent to said issue and feel particularly wronged on  behalf of one of the participants, who I will continue to support with my listening ears.

But that’s all I can do.

Perhaps if (WHEN!) I am removed further from said situation, I could do more, but really, it’s not my circus, not my monkeys.

And when I feel as if I want to do more, as an injustice of a personal nature is occurring, but it’s not my battle to fight, I will hear this tune’s chorus singing, voiced as I know it best by the great Bette Midler (singing a classic Cole Porter tune):

Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today.

Sure, my situation is not exactly the same. I mean my situation doesn’t involve, as Wikipedia explains, being jilted and abandoned, killing a seducer, being arrested, jailed, and hanged by a mob. But really, the response — polite, trite, and concise — fits many a situation, including mine.


Question: “Can you get involved in the chaos I create all by myself that makes everyone feel like they’re on the Tilt-A-Whirl and will soon throw up because I’m a selfish jerk?”


Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today.

Almost every day, my brain wakes with a record already dropped on its turntable. Sometimes, it’s like a dream — me telling me something or revisiting something about me/my life. Other times, it’s random as f*ck and I like to think my subconscious is just trying to keep me entertained on this crazy roller coaster ride called life. I celebrate this in my Frequently Infrequent Series Woke Up Singing. Look for more Infrequently Frequent posts, you know, infrequently. Read more of Woke Up Singing here.


  1. Well that’s an interesting pondering. Have you ever felt guilty for escaping the tilt-a-whirl and leaving the others behind? It’s brief, but anguishing.
    I look forward to other thought-provoking songs by DJ T-Sub.

    Liked by 1 person


    1. I do believe, Joey, I did feel guilt for a wee bit, and it was anguishing, but it didn’t last long, as you said. Next time won’t be so bad. Just gotta take care of what’s under my own circus tent at this point.

      Liked by 1 person


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