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Friday Fhoughts: Folume Elefen

Friday Fhoughts - BlackI mentioned a few weeks ago we’re heading toward my hibernation time and it’s closer now than it was then. I feel my backward-bear-like self starting to turn inward, reaching for the closest blankie and air conditioning vent to wait out the seemingly endless heat and humidity.

I’m also personally hibernating, as I do, when I’m thinking, contemplating, feeling like I’m growing out of my skin or bursting out of my current “costume” all Hulk-like. On one hand, I’m thankful that I still grow and change. On the other hand, I don’t like the frustration, the impatience it produces, the wondering, the doubt. But can’t have one without the other.

I’m going to electronically sign off, even my Instagram!, until September. I’m curious to see just how much time these screens fill (and steal from me). I’m curious to see what affect it will have on me, on connections, on my writing (especially).

I’ve cut down the screen time a bit already, and lo and behold I spent two evenings writing instead. As I lose more screen time until there’s none (or very little — have to check emails at least a couple times a week*), how much more will writing come to the fore? And what will the writing(s) become? And what will delaying sharing my writing, especially in this quick hit form, do? (I’ve already started to write two blog posts then thought no, I need to WRITE this and opened a Word document or notebook with my handy pen nearby instead.)

*Yes, I’ll still be checking emails two times a week. HINT. HINT. If you don’t have my email, there’s always this.

May you enjoy the season (literal and figurative) where you are, the great and not so great parts. May you seek to grow and change and always be curious about everything, even if that’s not always comfortable. May your discoveries be plenty and meaningful and lead to wondrous things.

And may the force be with you… always.

Happy peaceful people.

*fun fact: I literally cannot listen to this without getting all teary-eyed. It’s. So. BEAUTIFUL! I almost can’t stand it.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Fhoughts: Folume Elefen

  1. You’re the second blogger I’ve read this morning who has made the decision to dial back on social media. And I applaud it. Because we really do not realize how much time we’re devoting to the thing until we’re not devoting that time to it. And yes! What of that vacuum? What fills up the void and how? Writing is a splendid substitute.

    I’ve contemplated dialing back come September. I guess I’ll see how I feel then.

    To writing and peace of mind.

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    1. There are hours of conversation and contemplation this does and will provide. I’m also feeling introspective, ramping up some bigger changes and I think part of it is my internal self telling me I need to work through that, store up some energy, etc., to make it happen.

      You’ll leave when I get back. FIGURES!

      Amen, brother Marc. A.M.E.N.

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      1. I know WP will be my last social media venture before I turn out the lights. I’ve already separated from FB and Twitter has never done anything for me.

        I figure I can write on WP forever, but maybe once a week. Just off the wall crap.

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  2. So that’s it? Nothing from Tara until September? Yowza. And Wowza.
    I dunno that I could do that.
    I couldn’t drop the blog. The rest, I suppose I could if I really wanted to…
    At least we know how to keep in touch should you wish to 😉
    Enjoy your hibernation!

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  3. I absolutely love the way you’ve described outgrowing and Hulk-like!
    I’ve cut down and cut down and this is what I know about me: Instagram is easiest, best, light . Facebook is heavy. WP keeps me sane. WP’s community is truly supportive to me. With that, missing out on WP makes me feel disconnected, but I can’t read everyone I used to at the rate I used to. Since I went to work thee years ago my Likes have gone down consistently, my blog no longer “grows” — but the people who read me feel more like friends and that’s so valuable to me.
    Everyone on FB is mad I’m not on FB, which makes me not wanna FB.
    I’m always striving for balance and it serves me well, so I’m glad you’re doing the same. May you emerge from your metamorphosis with wings that glow!

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  4. Social media does take up SO much time, and it seems to suck it up even when I’m not aware of it. Hibernating away from it sounds like a really appealing idea, I must say. I end up doing less online in the summer naturally, because I’m out-and-about so much more doing social activities in the long balmy evenings. But now you have me thinking about making it more official. Or at least, thinking harder about how I spend my time and how much of it I could trim back to focus on this things I keep telling myself are most important.

    Enjoy your hiatus, and I hope you find it relaxing and fun, and productive too!

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    1. Thanks, Joy. It’s been a week already and I can’t even begin to describe the change in feeling. I’m curious to see how this progresses over the summer. I’ll be reporting back in the fall! 🙂

      Enjoy your summer!

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