Friday Fhoughts: Folume Eight

Friday Fhoughts - BlackThree-day weekend in my sight.

Three-day weekend starts tonight.

Three-day weekend filled with glee.

Three-day weekend, COME TO ME.

Three-day weekend, hours away.

Three-day weekend still at bay.

Three-day weekend starts right now.

Happy thoughts, frown upsidedown.

I’m *working* but, you know, looking forward to the three-day holiday weekend. The countdown begins with the posting of this, FRIDAY FHOUGHTS, FOLUME EIGHT!

As you can see, my thoughts are very much on my upcoming three-day weekend. I just had a three-day weekend, but that one used the currency more precious than money: a vacation day. This one comes courtesy of a national holiday. Many celebrate by spending this first unofficial summer weekend down the shore (as they say in these parts). I will be wherever the throngs of humanity are not.

There are five books from the library waiting patiently for me at home. I’m eager to spend time with them. (If you missed my spontaneous tribute to libraries in Thursday Doors, click here, to see a cool building, some cool finds in it, and a cool mural!)

There is one and a half seasons left of Veep. I’ve binged the rest. All I can say about this show is, one day, I want someone to love me the way Gary loves Selina (but I won’t be crazy and he won’t be a doormat sometimes). P.S. If you need a laugh, check out my Monday post with some of the best laughing I’ve ever heard. P.P.S. After I finish Veep, I’ll be binge-watching Barry season 2. DO NOT SPOIL THIS FOR ME IF YOU’VE SEEN IT. The thoughts in this paragraph are all related, I promise. And so sorry for the yelling. (P.P.P.S. I also posted These Three Things, Two on Tuesday…)

Choir: The solo is getting better every time I sing it, they say. It won’t be too long now before the big performance!

Drives: Other drivers suck. Nature is pretty. The river never gets old.

I’m sure I have other thoughts, but THREE-DAY WEEKEND is all “LISTEN TO ME!” so I can’t hear them. That’s OK, since it’s such a happy fhought.

May your fhoughts be happy. May your weekends feel long, even if they’re not. And may your summer be not so sweaty, but delightfully full of fun.

Happy, peaceful weekend, people.

On Fridays, I have fhoughts. And that’s how Friday Fhoughts was born. A cross between two series I used to have (Random Thoughts Thursday and DSF Weekly Rewind), Friday Fhoughts is a smattering of random thoughts, connected in some way or not, with photos, music, and more. Read my Friday Fhoughts posts here.

(And remember, Sunday Song lives at now!)


  1. T Siz,

    You’re breaking out your poet, and you know it . . so go, show it. 🙂

    Hope your three day weekend with books and Barry is everything you hope it will be and more.

    Be cool, sistah.



  2. Enjoy your three-day weekend! I’m in the middle of one myself! Yesterday got cut from work re icky weather and today and tomorrow are my days off this week. Woot!
    Now, while you enjoy your books and Barry, I shall return to my boxes… sigh.

    Liked by 1 person


  3. I hope your three-day was as magnificent as you wanted it to be 🙂 I felt so… sneaky? guilty? having Monday off. Like, it was great, but it felt weird, lol! I slept 10 hours a night and feel like I finally got well!
    Time for beach 😀



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