These Three Things, Two

These three things, they randomly are.
Written quick, read by those afar.
Drivel, pointless; thoughts, disjointed.
Very low blogging bar… 

Welcome to a random day when my brain is all WHAT? And when that happens, it’s all like, “Share this with the people!” (This happened in February and is happening again. You’re welcome.)

These three thingsSo, hello, people. What follows: three things of a random nature that you just NEED. To. KNOW.

1) Spring brings lots of noise, which introvert me doesn’t really enjoy. One of my least favorites is the Teen Boy in the Hot Car with the Buzzy-Sounding Muffler Noise. Heard one this morning on my drive to work. Said to myself, “Why do boys DO THAT?”

And myself answered, “It sounds like a continuous fart.” ….

A-ha moment!

2) I knocked on my coworker’s door the other day.

“I can’t be the only one who knows this,” I said. “He said, ‘And I need a refill on the other prescription, the thing, the generic viagra.”

We face-palmed in unison.

Filed under: Things I Should Never Hear at Work and Close Your F*cking Door If Making Personal Calls.

3) I watched the last 15 minutes of the Game of Thrones finale so I would know somewhat how it ended, in case someone brought it up in casual conversation. I enjoyed the humor in the meeting at the table scene. Watching the guy (I’m told is Mr. Snow) walk, and walk, and walk… I literally thought, “Oh Em Gee, it’s like The Lord of the Rings all over again. I can’t watch someone walk for, like, ever.” But then he disappeared… well, where he went to (NO SPOILERS HERE) and it ended. I think I remember watching the first episode back in the day. I remember also thinking, “What a weird world — they apparently hadn’t invented women’s casual tops yet.” I remember thinking I’d watch something else. Anyhoo, an era has ended and I feel for the peeps who were sad to see it go. Ya know, the best show ending in the history of show endings is still Six Feet Under (2000-2005) (Continuing with my No Spoilers attitude, I post here the trailer, not the finale of the finale.)

Six Feet Under introduced me to Sia back in 2005 with this song.


  1. And I sang along to your Christmasy intro!!

    Boys and their toys is all I can say. Got two of them at home (boys, now “officially” men and frankly… sigh.)

    Yeah. No. Walking into weird convos is not always a good thing!

    I only watched a random episode of GoT way back and have promised myself some binge-watching this winter when I am on break from work.

    As for the best show Six Feet Under? I cannot, but cannot agree with you more! It was fantabulous! Course, your video would not play for me, so I’ve included this one for those in my shoes.

    I’ll look up the Sia video as well. Swear, Curse, Cuss… (that said, they had great tunes on that show!)

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    1. Aw, Christmas in May! YAY!

      Boys… er, MEN!

      The worst part: didn’t walk into convo. Could hear convo downstairs from upstairs. Some people apparently have no concept of privacy and whispering.

      Yes! Another Six Feet Fan! Thanks for posting the video — tis the same one I did, but apparently the version that’s available in Canada! The name of the Sia song is Breathe Me, in case you can Canadian search for that, too.

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  2. I didn’t watch any of GoT but couldn’t avoid hearing people talk about it over the years. It sounded dreadful to me, so I don’t think I missed anything.

    I watched Six Feet Under intermittently. I don’t remember seeing the finale, but I’ve heard mention of it, both pro and con. I enjoyed TBBT finale last week, so that’s the one I’ll focus on whenever the concept of finale comes up in polite conversation.

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  3. T,

    I don’t follow any of the self-prescribed rules, I’m guessing. Because boy’s toys have never been a thing for me. Nor is male bonding, or needing the guys night out. Or gadgets. Nope . . I’m an outlier. And not be design, I just am.

    Game of Thrones went out in a fizzle. But it was a most entertaining ride until this season so I’m good. No need to rewrite season eight. People are starving and without a roof over their heads, we can deal with a shitty season by letting the hundreds of millions in production costs maybe go to something more worthwhile.



    1. I spy… a UNICORN!

      Agreed. In fact, my theory, upon hearing about the suckitude of the season, was that HBO said it was costing too much, time to pull the plug and so they scrambled, hence the suckitude.

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      1. LOL.

        They would’ve been better off pissing fans off by saying there would be no final season than doing what they did.

        But Imma just appreciate seasons 1 through 6 and call it a day.

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  4. Sia ❤
    I LOLed so hard at womens casual tops. *snort*
    I have also been exposed to some unpleasant overheard business. Sometimes I generate it. About which I will tell you privately. But this is the cost of working in a small office where it feels like family.
    Thank you for sharing 😀

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    1. Glad you LOLed. My work here is done.
      Yes, yes. I appreciate the privateness of your sharing. Hey, I shared mine unprivately. Does this make me as bad as he who shared unprivately thinking it was private enough?
      It doesn’t feel like family here. You’re a lucky gal if your work does!

      Liked by 1 person


      1. I AM lucky. Totally. Completely. Almost, dare I say, hashtag blessed.
        I think there’s no crime. It’s not nearly as gross to us, because we dunno your dude and we don’t have to picture his erection or lack thereof. 😉



        1. Joey, I hadn’t gone that far with my mental image… until now…. but I’m erasing it as we speak…. ….. … go to my happy place… go to my happy place….. *squints*



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