Friday Fhoughts: Folume Sefen

Friday Fhoughts - BlackI’m starting to think not only am I at the mercy of the moon but also the weather. It rained for what seemed like never-ending eons, during my not-as-happy-lately time. The sun came back just as I was starting to feel better.

It could be a coincidence or it could be related. It could be correlational but not causational. I don’t think I can actually use those words that way, but I just did, so there.

OR was EVERYBODY feeling a bit glum, including Mother Nature, and we all just went through it together? That’s a big no, but I digress.

The aforementioned unofficial science-y thoughts officially begin FRIDAY FHOUGHTS, FOLUME SEFEN!

I can say with scientific certainty that the amount of rainfall we’ve received recently, and the number of days in which it rained, is directly correlated to the number of days my new bike has been assembled. Rain = no bike riding. Mother Nature has a wonderful sense of humor, eh?

Continuing my unscientific scientific study, I see a correlation, that could also possibly be causation, between sitting down to write a post encapsulating events / fhoughts / feelings of the past 7 days and then not being able to remember a damn thing that happened at that very moment. Case in point: that just happened to me a few seconds ago. … … Still happening… … … I’m going to take a wee break and see if that helps … … …  Well, it helped a little, but also, I’m writing this post early in the morning and my brain revolts until after lunch usually.

No further study is needed to determine if choir is enjoyable (as always, the time spent with singing friends was mirthful (word?), but you knew that). Also, no further study required for what I consider an enjoyable experience: walking around the supermarket one night this week for an hour. ‘Twas not as fun as when I had trouble finding any frozen meals that didn’t include tomato sauce or beef, but ’tis always FUN looking at all the goodies and deciding what I wanted whilst singing along to the music overhead and dancing occasionally in the aisles. Whilst there, I decided to purchase a snack for $1.00. That led to the experience of googling what does cottage cheese taste like? Those damn Daisy cottage cheese commercials make it look good so for $1.00, I thought I’d try it (with strawberries to mix in!). (p.s. one site said people who love the taste of ricotta will like cottage cheese… now I’m eager to try it (and report my results at a later date.)

20190515_200932_wmWednesday evening, the first rain-free night since Noah and his ark, found me driving around enjoying the air and then the sunset. I wandered through a sleepy hippie town along the river and saw a couple in wedding attire being photographed on the bridge. I thought, “What an odd night to get married — on a Wednesday?” Then I got to the light on the other side, and saw a woman carrying the bottom half of her wedding dress, trailed by a photographer. Seems I wandered into a fancy pants outfits photo shoot. Scientific fact: not something you see every day. Also a scientific fact: the time it takes to set up a shot properly, through your driver’s side window, is lengthened when there’s nothing to shoot, and hastened by 10 times the power of infinity, aided by a green arrow allowing you to turn and impatient drivers behind you wanting you to go as of yesterday or sooner.

‘Twas nice to see so many colors and such brightness this week, in stores, out in nature, in the happy faces of my singing friends, and in my own eyes again. Scientific fact: everything passes. Nice to see the other side again.

Three-day weekends make me exceptionally happy, a fact I’m quite sure of, but I think perhaps it still requires further study. Therefore, I shall take today off and gather some more data (pre-planned about two months ago on a whim — thanks, Past Me!)

May your shopping experiences always lead to singing and dancing and great tastes. May your drives always show you unexpected and fun-derful things. And may your smiley faces return always after the gray skies fade away (literally and figuratively).

Happy, peaceful weekend, people.

On Fridays, I have fhoughts. And that’s how Friday Fhoughts was born. A cross between two series I used to have (Random Thoughts Thursday and DSF Weekly Rewind), Friday Fhoughts is a smattering of random thoughts, connected in some way or not, with photos, music, and more. Read my Friday Fhoughts posts here.

(And remember, Sunday Song lives at now!)


  1. You’ve never had cottage cheese? Wow… it’s a staple in my house.
    Three day weekends are fantabulous, for sure. Gives one a real chance to repose properly.

    This effing rain has been interminable. Working in a golf club, rain means we get cut from work… I did last Friday and this Monday. Sigh. Makes for a small paycheque.

    Hopefully sun shall return for longer periods than part of a day!

    Liked by 1 person


    1. I lived in a food-weird family and have discovered many things growing up I never had as a kid.

      I believe I have reposed properly, but would like more time for study of this issue. Luckily, next weekend is three days, too.

      I’m sorry the rain is interfering with work/money-earning. That’s no fun.



      1. I can see that!

        Glad you have reposed. I will do so come November.

        Bah. It works both ways. Today I am here since 11 and will close with just one other person. If many decide to stay for supper we are gonna be running! (Good foe my arse…)

        Liked by 1 person


        1. I will practice reposing as much as possible when not at work. This skill could take time to master. 🙂

          To November then!

          I just ran around, with food, at the grocery store. I had been all over pinterest getting recipes, then decided to just get tuna and bread for sammies since it’s too damn hot to turn the oven on! Blah!



  2. May your drives always show you unexpected and fun-derful things.

    This will be my theme for the weekend. I want to get out into the countryside just to see what I can see. Kind of tired of cityscapes. Your Wednesday night drive has inspired me.

    Liked by 1 person


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