Friday Fhoughts: Folume Five

Friday Fhoughts - BlackIs this only the fifth time I’m doing this? Apparently. Seems like longer somehow. And yet, time flies by. Universe = enigma!

Hopefully, the typing will help warm me up as I’m freezing. It’s not supposed to be all early March up in May, but Mother Nature did not get that memo. Also, The People did not get the memo that it’s Friday, and Friday is a day for doing less, not more. I don’t care if you did nothing all week and need to follow up, empty your desk, answer your emails. I’m trying to relax on my first extremely unofficial weekend day (whilst at work). You’re not helping.

I shall blog, and that will help. And so, without further ado, I present:


Also one who did not get the memo: the bird who sings his/her solo every morning at 5:30 or so, for, like, 20 minutes. Yes, it’s lovely, and I love a solo myself, but could you please do it at a more awake hour?

… …. ….

You can’t see this, but there was just a super long pause as I thought about writing about something other than choir rehearsal (as I’m wont to do, you know). Then all I could think about was choir rehearsal. So I opened my snack drawer and found a small pack of Goldfish (the snack that smiles back). I’m currently enjoying those. Do you have a snack drawer at your desk/job/work? I do believe it’s one of the most important things one can have to survive The Adulting.

I’m contemplating what activities could make for an enjoyable weekend. I had plans last week: I intended to, and did, binge-watch the entire second season of Cobra Kai. I have to tell you, I was dead set against a remake or continuation of The Karate Kid or any other story from my childhood, but I was totally wrong about this one. Both seasons of this show (on YouTube Premium) are AWESOME. The writing is smart (mostly). The stories are compelling. And the areas of grey are many, which makes for a great show. And with all the 80s references by the one guy from the movie (William Zabka, who plays Johnny Lawrence), this 80s girl was in heaven.

BUT! I watched all the shows so this weekend is wide open. If I find my down-alternative Winter coat, maybe I could spend some time outside! Mother Nature, may I? I’m not a heat person by any stretch, but I am a It Should Be The Season It Is person so I’m annoyed at Spring. I shall soothe this annoyance with a song! Since Mother Nature doesn’t seem to know what season it is, and since this song was featured in Cobra Kai, I choose this. It’s an 80s classic done in a style circa now. Love and Love!


I’m sure I’ll find something to entertain myself. In the meantime… May you always be dressed for whatever season it supposedly is. May you enjoy whatever makes your weekend whatever you want it to be. And may your snack drawer always be stocked so full it can hardly open.

Happy, peaceful weekend, people.

On Fridays, I have fhoughts. And that’s how Friday Fhoughts was born. A cross between two series I used to have (Random Thoughts Thursday and DSF Weekly Rewind), Friday Fhoughts is a smattering of random thoughts, connected in some way or not, with photos, music, and more. Read my Friday Fhoughts posts here.

(And remember, Sunday Song lives at now!)


  1. Our birds are noisy at 5:30 am too. It must be a bird thing, but like you I’d enjoy the music a little later in the morning. Our weather forecast for this weekend is wet, wet, wet. This a big party weekend around here. There’s Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, the Flying Pig marathon, and Saturday is Star Wars Day [may the fourth be with you]. We’ll be doing our usual mellow thing, but there’s a festive vibe in the air.

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    1. May the fourth be with you, too. It’s supposed to rain some here as well. I was peeking at the future forecasts for the month and there’s a LOT of predicted rain. Of course, right before I looked I said, “How about a beach day?” And the forecast says NO NO NO infinity.

      Le sigh.

      Enjoy the vibe!

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  2. OMG, Billy Zabka is in Cobra Kai? I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, I do follow Ralph Macchio on IG. 🙂 Maybe I’ll check it out..

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    1. The first season is ALL Johnny Lawrence (I mean, Ralph’s in it, too, but it’s from Johnny’s perspective, hence the title). The second season is more even. It’s AWESOME!



  3. It’s one of the reasons I don’t sleep with the window open in summer. Those little buggers start at 4 in the AM! Nuh Unh.

    No snack drawer for me…

    Speaking of watching shows, did I miss your what’s what on “True Detective” season 3? Oh. Wait. I see a * meaning on hiatus… I actually watched it with Mr. Sorryless himself. 😉

    Have a fantabulous weekend. I shall not see it as I am working. Welcome golf season…

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    1. Bugger birds. I’m sorry they fly that far north so they’re bothering you early, too.

      I will add to my snack drawer in your honor.

      I haven’t written about True Detective Season 3 yet. I’m STILL processing. It’s one of those shows that lingers with ya, and I’m still in linger mode. I knew Marc watched it as we had a brief comment exchange about it, but I didn’t know y’all watched it together. I gotta get me a watchin’ partner. I’ll shall ask that person to call me Purple, with a southern accent.

      I’m sorry you can’t weekend. I shall do so for us both!



  4. That is not a bad remake, but Imma hafta listen to Bananarama now 🙂
    My mentor and I were at work til 7 last night. I left at 7. I think she left more around 7:30. That chit is for the birds, birds that sing at 5am and whatnot. >.<
    But the beach nears… 😛

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    1. They played the Banarama version as the kids went back to school, just like in the movie!
      That is nutso. I hate working late. Hope it doesn’t last too much longer for ya.
      Beach, please! No, really, BEACH PLEASE! 🙂

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