Friday Fhoughts: Folume Four

Friday Fhoughts - BlackI’m all, “I have stories to share. Should I do that?” Or “But my mind is all random-y, too, so should I do that?” Or BOTH?


Smile face on the keyboard in the photo whispers, “Be the happy smiley on the keyboard. Just write!”

And so, without further ado, I present:


I swear on every ounce of chocolate I can find nearby that I do other things than choir every week, but choir is, like, the best two hours. Laughter. Singing. I can’t help but focus on it. Perhaps I’ll make it an in-post spinoff, like the endless iterations of Law & Order.

Friday Fhoughts: Choir. *dun dun*

In a previous episode, Past Me suggested I could/would do something that some argued could lose me my charter membership Introvert Card. I still digress — one can step skyrocket out of one’s comfort zone for an extroverted hot minute and still be an introvert. SO! ICYMI, Past Me volunteered us both for a solo. Singing. Alone. Just me. *faints*

For weeks, Past Me nudged Present Me to practice… and we DID. About a month ago, the director rehearsed the song in question, without the beginning solo. After rehearsal…

Me:  “I’m just wondering, am I still in the running to be America’s Next Top Model, I mean, the soloist?”

Him:  *rolling his eyes and smiling (a frequent response to my comedy)* “Of course.”

Then, to myself: “Past Me, how did you learn to speak out of Present Me’s mouth?”

Fast-forward to last week. *makes fast-forward cassette tape noise* Mr. Director emailed: are you ready to sing solo tonight? Citing beach brain and no practice for my birthday week, I said no. At that week’s rehearsal: “Next week, you’ll be ready?” Past Me In The Present nodded ‘yes.’

This week’s rehearsal… “Let’s warm-up.” …”La la la…” Then…

Him: “Dominus Vobiscum.”

Choir shuffling papers. Me struggling to find glasses. Past Me seemingly slinking away.

Choir:  *sings entire song without the solo opening*

Past and Present Me:  *thinking* Maybe we’re not…

Him, looking right at me:  “Are you ready?”

Past Me nodded ‘yes.’

Him:  “OK, let’s show some support for our singing sister.”

Pianist:  ” E . . . . . 

Past Me, pushing Present Me to the front: “SING!”

Present Me: *singing* Dominus vobiscum, pacem relinquo vobis, ut et cum spiritu tuo, Amen.


Him:  “Beautiful.”

The other newbie, a guy in the tenor/bass section, mouthed “Good job.” The soprano who introduced herself to me on the first night with a big welcome (and who gives hugs freely) said quietly, “Really nice.” (She sought me out later: “Your voice. The tone is amazing.”) My nitpicky Alto sister: “Great job.”

Him:  “Let’s sing it again, with just a bit of the solo. Where would you like to start, lovely?”

Lovely? I’ll take that!

I sang a bit, then the whole group sang the rest of the song. I’m to chant the beginning, but watch him for timing the first Amen. Present Me: “No problem.”

Past Me was nowhere to be found at this point, but if see her again, I’ll thank her.

In other news….

The place next door to my work has the same door we have at my work, but our lets-the-door-close-without-slamming thingy works and theirs doesn’t. Every day, slam slam slam. Often, Me: “Don’t slam de door” (to no one in particular).

Today is Make Your Own Sunshine Day, at least according to the cloudy drip-dreary skies. I brought my purple paisley umbrella, though, so all’s good there. And luckily, I’m good at making my own sunshine. Level = EXPERT.

On Wednesday, whilst performing my daily driving Lunch In-Car Concert, a song came own that made Little Drummer Me very happy. This tune, from the 80s (shocking, I know), features a rockin’ bass line and some cool drum beats from Mr. Tony Thompson. Wednesday was also a warm day after Summer on Tuesday, so this song’s literal wordage fits (why Mr. Palmer’s dressed like a priest in the video…)

Time for sunshine makin’.

May your sun always be shining. May your voice always be true and lovely. And may the beats always keep your toes a-tappin’.


Happy, peaceful weekend, people.

On Fridays, I have fhoughts. And that’s how Friday Fhoughts was born. A cross between two series I used to have (Random Thoughts Thursday and DSF Weekly Rewind), Friday Fhoughts is a smattering of random thoughts, connected in some way or not, with photos, music, and more. Read my Friday Fhoughts posts here.

(And remember, Sunday Song lives at now!)


            1. (I’ve actually been singing in my office here at home for about 2 hours now. I’m sure people are getting REALLY sick of me. What can I say… I’VE GOT THE MUSIC IN ME!)

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  1. Hey, Present You is doing new things! That’s awesome! I’ve long been an introvert, but I’ve never minded singing or dancing or giving a speech, so I don’t think you’re at risk for losing your card 🙂 I’m like ten times better at those things than generating chat from nowhere, ugh. I am so utterly awkward. Maybe Future Me will get the hang of it one day, but Present Me is like, “Oh kill me now!” I’m fine with brief, but some people linger after my script has ended, and then I’m all, “So snail sex is weird, huh?”
    I can sing, but it sounds like you can SANG! 😀 Congratulations on rising to meet new challenges! Hell, Congratulations on setting new challenges!

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thank you, Joey. I’m glad to hear I’m not in jeopardy of losing my Introvert card! And yeah, new things! WOOT! I can half-sang — not all that great a singer, but can carry a tune without luggage. ha!
      Thanks! And Thanks! I know, right? Just the setting new challenge is a victory! YAY!

      Liked by 1 person


  2. Woot! Way to go Tara!
    You can ditch that whole introvert thing and just admit it’s a cover 😉 Or maybe an excuse for things you don’t really love and adore to do.
    I think it’s great that you can sing in your choir – solo no less! Hooooo-eeeee!

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