Thursday Doors: Beachin’ Birthday, Part II

Many moons ago, I ventured to one of my favorite happy places to celebrate my birthday.  Twas a solo retreat meant to enable me to enjoy some sand, surf, and solitude as I began a new trip around the sun.

After several years of not doing so, this year I resurrected this activity. Two Thursdays ago, also known as The Best Day of My Year, I ventured to one of my favorite beaches and spent several glorious days there all by myself.

Happy birthday to me!

ThursdayDoors DSFBeachin’ Birthday: Part II

I like to drive. I’ve put many a mile on many a car. There’s something soothing about moving without moving, listening to tunes, taking in scenery around me.

I love to drive at the beach. Not long after getting settled there, I’m often quickly back in my car and headed down the Delaware coast, toward Maryland and Virginia. My first stop during this last trip was specific for Thursday Doors.

One of my favorite stops is Delaware State Seashore Park, a state park with a beach! This time of year, it’s a great place for solitude, one of my favorite things, you know. So my camera and I like to visit.

This tower is one of several along the beach, built as a means of seeing / meeting the enemy, should they try to invade, during World War II. There’s an effort going to restore the tower(s) as a way to honor veterans of that era as well. I’ll be happy if they complete the project — preserving history is nice, but I’m imagining, too, the view of the ocean from the top…

Here’s the tower:

20190412_124523 (1)


Here’s a teeny door at the bottom of the tower:

20190412_124353 (1)

Here’s a beachy path to the main beach and the ocean from the ground near the tower:

20190412_124730 (1)


What other doors did I find?

To be continued next week….

See Beachin’ Birthday: Part I here.

This post is one of many through Thursday Doors by Norm Frampton. See other doors — from around the world — on his weekly linkup and/or on the Twitter at #ThursdayDoors. See more of my doors here.


  1. Awesome stuff! The tower and its tiny door is a winner. From what I understand during the war, they were pretty common along the East coast of North America.
    The only thing in this post that I frowned over a bit was the tire tracks leading to the beach. I don’t believe personal vehicles should ever be allowed on sacred ground like beaches, but maybe that’s just me….
    Fun post all the same 🙂

    Liked by 2 people


    1. Glad you enjoyed! Now I’m going to have to use The Google and see if there are towers in other states! Hmmmm. Well, I know the tracks are from official vehicles, trying to keep the riff-raff out so maybe we’ll make an exception for that. But ya…. no driving on the beach!

      Liked by 1 person


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