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Sunday Song: Changes

I’m a musical gal, from my wee days taking piano and drum lessons, to my current stint in a community choir. To me, listening to music is what going to church is for some, so I celebrate with Sunday Song.

Now, though, I celebrate at — click to read this week’s Sunday Song post. (Explanation below.)
Sunday Song - Paray


I recently took part in a writing workshop that, as I’ve mentioned before, kick-started my creative nonfiction writing again. I didn’t stop completely, of course, but I struggled (and still do, with self-censorship). Through the workshop, and beyond now, I’m working through these things and am actually enjoying writing again. One of the things I write is memoir. Last year for the Blogging A to Z 2018 challenge even, my theme was Musical Memoir. Turns out, there’s an online journal that mixes memoir and music — right up my alley! And so that got me thinking that I should put my memoir-ish Sunday Song posts on my more writerly website,

The first one there went up this morning. I’ll be migrating the others I’ve done.

I hope you’ll join me there, for Sunday Song and a post on (some) Mondays. That’s it — just the two days — definitely Sunday and sometimes Monday.

Don’t fret, though, if you enjoy the silly here. Daisy Smiley Face will still be sharing smiles across the miles. I’ll be about on some Tuesdays, but more frequently with Thursday Doors, and with Friday Fhoughts (brand spankin’ new!). (Check out all we do at

Thanks for reading, wherever you do.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

9 thoughts on “Sunday Song: Changes

  1. the piano music was nice and good idea to have that separate blog.
    and best wishes
    – I know you know this – but don’t forget that one of the best ways to hone that writing skill is to write and write.
    I did flash fiction for two years (and hope to start again) and I see q huge fruit of doing flash was it helped me be succinct.
    I know how to cut words and write more succinct.
    I just wrote a post and went from 2,000 words to 1,500 to 1,300
    I do not normally write super long posts – but it was time – and then getting it to 1,300 was by choice.
    anyhow, I will try and check in with both blogs and I like how you linked it here for use to visit

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    1. Thanks much! My silly and my serious often go together, but not always. So thought separate was a good idea. Glad you agree.

      You’re right — write and write and write. If only these pesky jobs and things didn’t get in the way, eh? Spare time!

      I love flash! Hope you get to do more. I wrote for newspapers and only had 750 words max sometimes so I, too, learned to write succinctly. Helps you choose better words to say things briefly (unlike my response to you here 🙂 ).

      Thanks for visiting my blogs. I will link Sunday Song here to have y’all go there easily. 🙂

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