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Daisy Digest

Daisy Digest Logo‘Tis the last day of the month, time for a look back at the month that was. We’ll ignore the fact that I haven’t done this end of the month thing since, like, November, right?

I don’t believe in astrology whole-heartedly, except when I do, because Mercury was in retrograde until the 28th and right around that date I actually started feeling better. The world works in mysterious ways, eh?

Anyhoo, March is ending. Let’s LOOK BACK with Daisy Digest.

Blooms (highlights)

You know it’s been a stressful month when you have to consult your calendar to remind yourself of the good things that happened. The best thing is this writing class I’m taking (which sadly ends next week). It ended up being the teacher, another student, and me (two others never showed).

daffs mar 19

Teacher/writer offers prompts and we write to them, then read, and discuss. The discussion uses the Amherst method, in which you focus on and encourage the writer’s strengths (and also it stresses that everyone has a voice and is a writer). Interestingly, it has shown me my weaknesses at the same time, without having them bashed over my head. Enjoyable! Also enjoyable — writing by hand, in a notebook, with a pen.

Also enjoyable, part deux, I’m taking more pictures than I have been (but I want to take more). I’ve also read a few books and am spending more and more time not looking at a screen of any kind. You know, old school. My aching joints are thanking me as well as my eyeballs, which enjoy looking at other things besides squiggly lines on lighted backgrounds on various rectangular surfaces.

Wilts (challenges)

March was windy and stormy outside and similar inside. No matter what’s outside, though, it’s always about my practicing what I know to be true, finding my true north, lots o’ deeeeeep breathing, etc. I succeeded more than I didn’t, but the times I didn’t were tough.

Gratitude bounty

Past me reading about and practicing all the zen things
Pencils with erasers
Clearer vision (metaphorically)
Reading glasses for clearer vision (physically)
Good tunes

Daisy Delights

Visual:  Barry, season 2, starts tonight on HBO. It’s a good show!

Auditory: So many pretty tunes for choir, but figure skater Nathan Chen introduced me (you know, through the TV) to a cool tune by Woodkid.

In honor of Saturday trying Summer on for size, let’s all get the smell of Sunday in our hair and run on the beach with Kennedy flair…

Daisy Digest is part of my Frequently Infrequent series. It posts on the last day of each month and recaps the highs and lows, the things I’m grateful for, the things I’m enjoying (recommending!), and other randomy goodness (including possibly a lil’ story), pictures, videos, and more. Read more about my Frequently Infrequent series here.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

11 thoughts on “Daisy Digest

  1. I like your daffodil – cheery and also never heard of the Amherst method and so curious to click that link and read more.
    song was new tome and fit your ideas here…

    and now – let’s all welcome the new month of April –

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daffodils are cheery, eh? (Don’t worry, daisies… I’m not cheating on you!)

      I hadn’t heard of the Amherst method either. It’s an interesting approach (especially when compared to some MFA approaches I’ve come in contact with).

      Glad you enjoyed the song!

      April! YAY!

      Liked by 1 person

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