These Three Things

These three things, they randomly are.
Written quick, read by those afar.
Drivel, pointless; thoughts, disjointed.
Very low blogging bar… 

Welcome to a random day when my brain is all WHAT? And when that happens, it’s all like, “Share this with the people!”

So, hello, people. What follows: three things of a random nature that you just NEED. To. KNOW.

1) A new someone at work’s name includes Lucas. What have I been saying since, every time I see/hear it? … …


2) Dear Sweet Baby Jebus or Ruth Bader Ginsburg or whoever can get this done: I humbly request a three-foot snowstorm that closes the entire universe for a few days so I don’t even have to THINK about what to do but an ENORMOUS storm would leave me free of having to hear others COMPLAIN about my decision to be safe. KThxBye. (I made the executive decision to not venture to only to have to venture back from, which is frowned upon even in icy conditions, and am getting nothing but grief for it. I hear you, body aches that ramp up with this happens, and I’m working on it… … …)

3) I’m extremely susceptible to electronic marketing and it’s all too easy to buy whatever’s offered in an email, especially if it’s on sale! This is why I don’t subscribe to many stores’ newsletters, etc., anymore. That’s how one ends up buying things one doesn’t need. Unfortunately, I’m still subscribed to arts and entertainment type places, because I don’t want to miss out on something I really want to see (which I don’t know is on its way until I get the email because I haven’t read the arts section of a newspaper in, like, forever).

So! Picture it: Tuesday. I get an eblast from a venue in Philadelphia. JOHN CUSACK is coming to Philadelphia! There’s a showing of Say Anything, still one of my all-time favorite films, followed by a Q&A with John. VIP tix gets you a pic with him after the show.

You may or may not know that I was determined to marry Lloyd Dobler for YEARS. I mean, come on…

I also had an email address professing my love for Mr. Cusack for YEARS in the aughts.

So I clicked the BUY button in the email and typed the special code. I saw *really* good seats still available, even in the VIP section.

The VIP / photo with John seats were $200 each.

~  ~  ~  Pause ~  ~  ~

I saw John’s Twitter feed in my head and remembered it’s nothing but politics and, worse, typographical errors and spelling mistakes! *faints*

I glanced again at the event promo photo of John: He doesn’t look like Lloyd Dobler.



He is NOT Lloyd Dobler. Yes, I know he created the performance, but I love LLOYD… not John. And I closed that email account about nine years ago after Hot Tub Time Machine because I believed at that point John would never make another good movie again… (I have yet to be proven wrong.)

Would I pay $200 to meet Lloyd? Youbetcha. Will I pay that much to meet (or even the lesser amounts to simply see) John in person? *whispering* Uh, no (didn’t want to hurt his feelings there).

Well, hello, maturity! And $200 I shall now spend on something else… or add to a savings account!

*pushes glasses up the bridge of my nose* What’s the current rate of return on a Roth IRA?


  1. “I gave her my heart she gives me a pen”. Love that movie. I don’t mind one bit having a (snow/ice) day where I have an excuse not to be able to go somewhere. Give me a blanket a couch and a remote and I’ll see you when everything melts!😬😂

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    1. Tis a good film indeed.

      I’m a fan of the snow day, but it needs to come without a person at work saying they know the weather’s bad but you need to get here. I’m not a doctor or some other Very Important Worker. I’m staying put! And so I did, their complaining and all…

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      1. You need to look out for you. That was one thing I hated about my jobs pre teaching. And there are times where I am totally thrown off when they open (like this morning) and my car is still completely covered in ice (like this morning). It was still icing when I went to sleep last night so no I wasn’t cleaning off my car last night. And I was going to take as much time as I needed. They either want me at work alive for whatever amount of time, or they could force me (by ultimatum) to be on time and then have to deal with the body cast I may be in. 🥴

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        1. I agree. Thanks.

          So next time, I add to my email saying I’m not coming in this note: Dear Work People, Tara is staying home today because everyone but you understands the danger of being out in this mess. We’re sorry that you’re such an idiot. Really, we are. Sincerely, ArtisanX and Every Other Thinking Person She Knows.


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  2. I applaud your decision to be a mature adult and not spend the money on not seeing Lloyd Dobler. You are better off remembering him as he was, rather than tarnishing your memories with how he isn’t now.

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